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Console a prisoner. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream console a prisoner. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

console a sick 16
Meaning of the dream: frankness and generosity

console a man 56
Description: quiet life

console a woman 60
Interpretation of the dream: bad business

console a child 69
Translation: status uncertain

console the husband 21
Dream description: projects that fade

console the wife 57
Meaning: slander of women

handcuffed prisoner 65
Translation of the dream: threads to avoid

prisoner praying 10
Interpretation: overcoming difficulties

interrogating a prisoner 81
Sense of the dream: unnecessary expenses

lame prisoner 80
What does it mean: close condemnation

prisoner in the cell 18
Meaning of the dream: Next healing

prisoner acquitted 12
Description: business ranging in port

wounded prisoner 48
Interpretation of the dream: restrictions necessary

emperor prisoner 46
Translation: sorrows

prisoner drinking 43
Dream description: request for help

prisoner crying 49
Meaning: plans to change

gunsmith prisoner 69
Translation of the dream: disease

herald prisoner 25
Interpretation: work still long and tiring

pirate prisoner 79
Sense of the dream: little security

general prisoner 17
What does it mean: contrasts with a child

release a prisoner 39
Meaning of the dream: contrasts with the elderly

arrest or prisoner 3
Description: sorrow and misery or joy late

prisoner guilty 24
Interpretation of the dream: stormy period

innocent prisoner 13
Translation: depression

prisoner 7
Dream description: difficult relationships

prisoner who escapes 60
Meaning: initiative compromised

prisoner with handcuffs 84
Translation of the dream: complex of anguish

to be a prisoner 68
Interpretation: difficult relationships

rebellious inmate 64
Sense of the dream: novelty

fellow prisoner 26
What does it mean: next trip

capture an escaped prisoner 77
Meaning of the dream: new jobs

inmate eating 27
Description: compromise solution

inmate sleeping 72
Interpretation of the dream: coldness and calculation

communicate with an inmate 23
Translation: concerns

inmate working 56
Dream description: rights to be defended

inmate who flees 86
Meaning: excessive fatigue

consoler false 19
Translation of the dream: dispersive activities

lifer who escapes 88
Interpretation: You're conformist

imprison enemies 71
Sense of the dream: future plans

shoot prisoners 9
What does it mean: fight against injustice

imprison soldiers 17
Meaning of the dream: irritation and nervousness

condolence 44
Description: disease of short duration

consul 55
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected aid

get a consolation prize 4
Translation: spirit of adventure

consolation 37
Dream description: efforts to succeed

consular 29
Meaning: wisdom in money matters

card of condolence 1
Translation of the dream: business stagnation

detained 7
Interpretation: difficult relationships

consular sick 21
Sense of the dream: happiness

see someone go into exile 56
What does it mean: outrage, tears

visit of condolence 50
Meaning of the dream: happiness blurred

captive 63
Description: difficult relationships

replanting 5
Interpretation of the dream: serenity and health

receive consolation 84
Translation: claiming entitlement

give consolation 12
Dream description: anxieties and concerns

whipping prisoners 44
Meaning: blindness