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Consistory. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream consistory. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

consistory 87
Meaning of the dream: life long

I 25
Description: bankruptcy

I hook with bait 15
Interpretation of the dream: loss of energy

despise 2
Translation: your wandering life leaves you very sad

Abbot comes to us 31
Dream description: insincerity

I face with stick 81
Meaning: thwarted love

I earn 59
Translation of the dream: massive loss of wealth

tireless 60
Interpretation: your luck at most

Member of the Senate 30
Sense of the dream: fortune

idol 6
What does it mean: you mean to commit injustices against some

Peleus 32
Meaning of the dream: future plans

I will pass 15
Description: quiet life

I rotate 64
Interpretation of the dream: you need affection

I look stupid 87
Translation: welcome gift

Chamber of Senators 41
Dream description: pleasant surprise

I see great 17
Meaning: injury or danger of fire

I look suspicious 20
Translation of the dream: spirit of domination

Cabinet of Physics 41
Interpretation: problems to be solved

Cabinet with a man 21
Sense of the dream: public shaming, complaint, next stop

board 77
What does it mean: shameful servitude

glass cabinet with holy 14
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue

recollect a name 40
Description: unusual happenings

Cabinet with a bad 10
Interpretation of the dream: serious altercation

Cabinet with graceful female 4
Translation: marital separation

I believe prayer 76
Dream description: righteousness and loyalty

town councilor 25
Meaning: Hidden Dangers

thunderbolt falls on us without storm 3
Translation of the dream: you will be forced to flee flee the country

interpellation 83
Interpretation: secret pleasures

board buses 52
Sense of the dream: Good news

cabinet 73
What does it mean: Work annoying

senate 8
Meaning of the dream: disputes ridiculous and infamous

school board 19
Description: anxieties and fear

senator 40
Interpretation of the dream: bad news

Councilor crazy 42
Translation: friendship in danger

cabinet drawer 42
Dream description: contrasts with brothers

Closed cabinet 7
Meaning: inspirations successful

Board gluing 26
Translation of the dream: deception hidden

administrative board 6
Interpretation: secure career

board cannons 39
Sense of the dream: pleasant meeting

provincial council 48
What does it mean: open struggle

board coffee 43
Meaning of the dream: indifference to others

councilor killed 56
Description: sympathy lightning

empty closet 66
Interpretation of the dream: unsolicited advice

board fruit 82
Translation: vitality and energy

engaging board 78
Dream description: discovery of enmity

board bags 30
Meaning: faithfulness in love

prefectural councilor 5
Translation of the dream: new forces

House of Representatives 78
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

board weapons 68
Sense of the dream: good luck

board boxes 83
What does it mean: loss for those who dream, profit for the person in the dream

state councilor 21
Meaning of the dream: close win

State Council 76
Description: joys family

game board 84
Interpretation of the dream: unstable situation

Member of Parliament 1
Translation: hopes dashed

fix a cabinet 68
Dream description: sudden aid

sawing a board 85
Meaning: impulsivity unreasonable

Minister board 43
Translation of the dream: excessive curiosity