Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Consent to a change. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: consent to a change

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consent to a change 57
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

consent to marriage 90
Dream Interpretation: Fortunately threatened

consent to a project 17
Meanings of dreams: lack of energy

to change 49
Dream Interpretations: prosperous business

Change 5
What does this mean: Good business opportunities

change for the better 60
What does it mean: optimism

change the dress 61
Meaning of the dream: culmination of dreams

change town 74
Dream Interpretation: unpleasant news

change shop 35
Meanings of dreams: unforeseen expenses

change shoes 26
Dream Interpretations: need for decision

mood change 70
What does this mean: sorry for gossip

change staff 53
What does it mean: Good news from far away

change habits 80
Meaning of the dream: imminent danger

change trains 69
Dream Interpretation: achieving a goal

change currency 21
Meanings of dreams: novelty surprising

change direction 81
Dream Interpretations: gain that fades

change objects 16
What does this mean: thwarted love

give the change 25
What does it mean: very confused ideas

change coins 81
Meaning of the dream: mental reservations

change home 10
Dream Interpretation: reconciliation family

change country 27
Meanings of dreams: unpleasant news

change their minds 8
Dream Interpretations: ephemeral success

change of ownership 14
What does this mean: recriminations later

change precept 81
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

change a profession 40
Meaning of the dream: desires absurd and unworkable

change for the worse 81
Dream Interpretation: issues the consequences of a mistake

personality change 90
Meanings of dreams: deny your principles

change address 19
Dream Interpretations: attitudes to be corrected

change residence 43
What does this mean: obstacles in career

change one's mind 24
What does it mean: ephemeral success

change the venue 17
Meaning of the dream: next trip

change order 77
Dream Interpretation: loss of friendships

see things change into thorns 1
Meanings of dreams: great torment

archangel 31
Dream Interpretations: overestimate your creativity

changing money 73
What does this mean: instability in the work

changing objects 16
What does it mean: deception in love

changing clothes 52
Meaning of the dream: unexpected event

changing jobs 25
Dream Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

money exchange 75
Meanings of dreams: fixed thoughts

exchange loss 60
Dream Interpretations: tranquility in the family

exchange profitable 45
What does this mean: need for courage

consecrate 8
What does it mean: that joy will not last long

consecrating a church 84
Meaning of the dream: upsets passengers

consecrate the host 29
Dream Interpretation: love for life

consecrate the bread 88
Meanings of dreams: courage and confidence

consecrate the wine 76
Dream Interpretations: aspiration to command

consecrate themselves to the sick 17
What does this mean: dangerous journeys

moneychanger 47
What does it mean: do not like surprises

consecration dedication 45
Meaning of the dream: several events will bring you troubles

changing condition 8
Dream Interpretation: gain that fades

consecrated host 40
Meanings of dreams: important news

exchange or trade 8
Dream Interpretations: resentful damage

changing neighborhood 65
What does this mean: lightness and recklessness in business

to exchange 70
What does it mean: Good business opportunities

exchange goods 30
Meaning of the dream: ambiguous proposals