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Confetti heavenly. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream confetti heavenly. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wrapping confetti 26
Meaning of the dream: you do not feel independent

buy confetti 67
Description: nervousness and irritation

see pull confetti 79
Interpretation of the dream: Action unreasonable

confetti at a ball 8
Translation: gossip and rumors

confetti 5
Dream description: bad success of a major deal with loss of money

see the sky heavenly 88
Meaning: useful meetings

muslin heavenly 57
Translation of the dream: bad speculations

throw confetti 43
Interpretation: fanaticism momentary

offer dragees 39
Sense of the dream: serene spirit

heavenly signs 5
What does it mean: big events

heavenly 23
Meaning of the dream: talk inconclusive

heavenly crown 35
Description: nervousness accentuated

golden dragees 26
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory nature

silver dragees 45
Translation: overconfidence in the other

chalk dragees 12
Dream description: limited interests

sucking dragees 14
Meaning: Rise countered

colored dragees 42
Translation of the dream: vitality and momentum

eat dragees 75
Interpretation: dissatisfaction and pain

dragees with almond 64
Sense of the dream: hostility and misunderstanding

tray with dragees 89
What does it mean: good romantic relationships

Celestial color 58
Meaning of the dream: sorrows

celestial star 25
Description: economic problems

white dragees 9
Interpretation of the dream: lack of courage

Wedding dragees 54
Translation: controlled pulses

celerity celestial 68
Dream description: from health check

handful of dragees 14
Meaning: serenity disturbed

celestial globe 25
Translation of the dream: intrigue

dragees 71
Interpretation: bad success of a major deal with loss of money

dragees with liquor 80
Sense of the dream: decisive action

buy dragees 7
What does it mean: gumption

sugarcoated dough 55
Meaning of the dream: new initiatives

planetary 69
Description: bickering with your loved one

light blue colour 44
Interpretation of the dream: harassment passing

crumple sweets 59
Translation: unjust accusations

bid farewell to the confessor 52
Dream description: right insight

bored at a conference 39
Meaning: tolerance

bored in a lecture 48
Translation of the dream: liberation from weights

apparition of angels 29
Interpretation: good deeds

blessing of the confessor 13
Sense of the dream: judgments too conventional

Assumption into heaven 74
What does it mean: beautiful omen

basket with sweets 11
Meaning of the dream: hard problems

Capuchin friar in confessional 8
Description: changes conducive

buy candy 22
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

offer candy 43
Translation: disagreements sentimental

eat candy 70
Dream description: mistakes and missteps

sell candy 80
Meaning: rupture of relations

packages of candy 77
Translation of the dream: precipitous actions

candy liquor 34
Interpretation: unfounded fears

fruit candies 9
Sense of the dream: new friendships

box of candy 57
What does it mean: concerns falling

bag of sweets 72
Meaning of the dream: sufferings and pains

ascend into heaven 22
Description: health hazard

conference 17
Interpretation of the dream: achieve consensus in the work

listen to the conference 44
Translation: reckless conduct

Press conference 81
Dream description: innovative thoughts

to confess 28
Meaning: departure of a loved one

confess guilt 65
Translation of the dream: sacrifices and privations

confess their sins 37
Interpretation: unreasonable fees

confess a crime 3
Sense of the dream: Passion for the game