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Confetti gift. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream confetti gift. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wrapping confetti 26
Meaning of the dream: you do not feel independent

see pull confetti 79
Description: Action unreasonable

buy confetti 67
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness and irritation

confetti at a ball 8
Translation: gossip and rumors

throw confetti 43
Dream description: fanaticism momentary

offer dragees 39
Meaning: serene spirit

golden dragees 26
Translation of the dream: conciliatory nature

chalk dragees 12
Interpretation: limited interests

sucking dragees 14
Sense of the dream: Rise countered

silver dragees 45
What does it mean: overconfidence in the other

colored dragees 42
Meaning of the dream: vitality and momentum

tray with dragees 89
Description: good romantic relationships

Wedding dragees 54
Interpretation of the dream: controlled pulses

handful of dragees 14
Translation: serenity disturbed

eat dragees 75
Dream description: dissatisfaction and pain

white dragees 9
Meaning: lack of courage

gift 3
Translation of the dream: reward

reject a gift 65
Interpretation: obstinacy

make a gift 16
Sense of the dream: precipitous actions

Send a gift 7
What does it mean: tormenting suspicions

gift from a woman 52
Meaning of the dream: friendship

gift from a man 14
Description: good view, happy

receive a gift 31
Interpretation of the dream: delight

unwrapping a gift 72
Translation: deceptive illusion

buy a gift 40
Dream description: momentary discouragement

deserved gift 66
Meaning: good luck

gift from a girl 6
Translation of the dream: contrariness

reciprocate a gift 10
Interpretation: sudden change

dragees with liquor 80
Sense of the dream: decisive action

expensive gift 8
What does it mean: enabling environment

gift from a child 90
Meaning of the dream: tribulations

useful gift 56
Description: imprudent adventures

receive vessels in gift 5
Interpretation of the dream: you will be loved

Gift silver 11
Translation: conduct changeable and inconstant

Gift gold 2
Dream description: business proposals

offer a gift 73
Meaning: careless actions

receive gems gift 37
Translation of the dream: unhappiness

postpone a gift 1
Interpretation: haughtiness

promise a gift 45
Sense of the dream: important meetings

unexpected gift 90
What does it mean: gift required

modest gift 82
Meaning of the dream: sincere affection

Gift useless 70
Description: important decision

turquoise receive as a gift 23
Interpretation of the dream: you are loved with respect

confetti 5
Translation: bad success of a major deal with loss of money

figs receive as a gift 63
Dream description: happiness in love

Gift books 10
Meaning: fighting spirit

generous gift 38
Translation of the dream: contrasts and bitterness

birthday gift 77
Interpretation: economic hardship

receive property as a gift 8
Sense of the dream: marriage with the person whose appearance or quality will be agreeable in proportion of the wealth of the gift

receive vase as a gift 5
What does it mean: Understanding loving

receiving a gift from a great lady 3
Meaning of the dream: change in fortune

give a present 8
Description: ruin and dementia

receive doll as a gift 66
Interpretation of the dream: consolations of old friends