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Concert on the roof. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream concert on the roof. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

concert 31
Meaning of the dream: long illness

conduct a concert 61
Description: false flattery

attend a concert 86
Interpretation of the dream: stubbornness

concert at the Conservatory 7
Translation: disease

piano concert 56
Dream description: patient kindness

cat on the roof 16
Meaning: to curb impulsiveness

instrumental concert 9
Translation of the dream: presence of mind

dove on the roof 47
Interpretation: happiness innocent

Concert Singing 86
Sense of the dream: very intense and strong relationship with a new acquaintance

organ concert 54
What does it mean: plans upset

see cats on the roof 1
Meaning of the dream: unfavorable successful your business

go to a concert 52
Description: resourcefulness and courage

owl on the roof 13
Interpretation of the dream: bad news

masons on the roof 19
Translation: duty to perform

pigeons on the roof 84
Dream description: prosperity and well-being

violin concert 5
Meaning: loss of energy

tiles on the roof 78
Translation of the dream: reward waiting

rock concert 40
Interpretation: struggling to relate to others

chimney on the roof 42
Sense of the dream: friendships helpful

lie down on the roof 61
What does it mean: situation stable

walk on the roof 27
Meaning of the dream: brilliant statement

roof 45
Description: limits in terms of mental or spiritual

lightning rod on the roof of a house 64
Interpretation of the dream: malicious accusations

climb on the roof 3
Translation: success and progress

roof falls 53
Dream description: considerable damage

roof of a church 76
Meaning: security and aid

roof of a house 17
Translation of the dream: new ideas to be realized

drip roof 40
Interpretation: stubbornness and rebellion

roof unsafe 70
Sense of the dream: request for help

lower the roof 24
What does it mean: trouble passing

uncover a roof 67
Meaning of the dream: ambition fulfilled

fall from the roof 59
Description: moral force

go to the roof 60
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

thatched roof 79
Translation: displeasure passenger

put a roof truss 62
Dream description: disease

gig with lime 65
Meaning: difficulties of adaptation

vacuum gig 53
Translation of the dream: injury or danger of fire

concert hall 23
Interpretation: strong character and determination

ceiling price on meat 14
Sense of the dream: contentment to good friendships and good relations

sunroof garnished 24
What does it mean: relationships

go to the gig 30
Meaning of the dream: good luck

surfacing 82
Description: brisk business

spider on the ceiling 36
Interpretation of the dream: Successes and personal satisfaction

lightning falls on his own head or home 1
Translation: loss of property, injuries

gecko on the ceiling 39
Dream description: protection of their family

get up on plane 8
Meaning: new hope

got on 64
Translation of the dream: good solutions

ceiling price on bread 35
Interpretation: career advancement

get someone on the porch 48
Sense of the dream: good decision

saints upon 8
What does it mean: good wishes

put on pajamas 32
Meaning of the dream: unhappy passion