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Computer technology. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream computer technology. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

computer technology 50
Meaning of the dream: period of many concerns

technology 56
Description: risky assumptions

buy or see a computer 50
Interpretation of the dream: exceeded

buy and use a computer 16
Translation: You think that everything has to be at your disposal

computer 45
Dream description: tries to be more expansive

buy a computer 81
Meaning: if you rise to the occasion

pack of notebooks 32
Translation of the dream: sincere affection

hosts 64
Interpretation: eat, contest

barterer 26
Sense of the dream: embarrassing situation

teach the technique 10
What does it mean: uncertainties inner

scribbling notebooks 12
Meaning of the dream: trouble with kinship

update or inform someone 12
Description: fortune

do arithmetic calculations incorrect 7
Interpretation of the dream: deception

observe or criticize a budget 59
Translation: opposition brief

calculate 66
Dream description: contrasts passengers

calculate a distance 45
Meaning: contrasts passengers

calculate weight 40
Translation of the dream: initiatives guess

miscalculate 22
Interpretation: loss to the game

calculate well 86
Sense of the dream: lack of objectivity

calculation 5
What does it mean: deception

make a calculation 27
Meaning of the dream: energy on the rise

wrong calculation 6
Description: Good news

mathematical calculation 17
Interpretation of the dream: danger lurks

do your own calculation 18
Translation: bad health

request information 15
Dream description: clarifications

technical commissioner 54
Meaning: deep emotion

consecrate the host 29
Translation of the dream: love for life

technical director 84
Interpretation: readiness and intuition

compute to do accounts 4
Sense of the dream: deceit and cunning

calculator machine 12
What does it mean: seriousness of purpose

informative note 26
Meaning of the dream: mixed feelings

gage 69
Description: commitments to maintain

quote make a budget 3
Interpretation of the dream: diligent activity

number and be wrong in the calculation 7
Translation: deception, accusation

new notebook 14
Dream description: firm character

buy notebook 19
Meaning: loyalty and bravery

details 53
Translation of the dream: sense of responsability

report to the mother 44
Interpretation: happy ideas

technical school 30
Sense of the dream: talks inconclusive

report a budget 30
What does it mean: advantageous purchases

check a budget 18
Meaning of the dream: interesting offer

family budget 65
Description: healthy insights

shop Budget 59
Interpretation of the dream: you stand in front of a choice

a balanced budget 30
Translation: to overcome prejudices

budget status 52
Dream description: material difficulties

chief technical 3
Meaning: superficial judgments

informer discovered 38
Translation of the dream: intimate joy

general information false 58
Interpretation: small dangers

council budget 54
Sense of the dream: quarrels that will end up in good

scientific informant 20
What does it mean: aspire so much in your work

informer killed 46
Meaning of the dream: discreet prosperity

good information 34
Description: haughtiness

misinformation 81
Interpretation of the dream: recognition in the work

informal art 15
Translation: disharmony in the family

police informer 75
Dream description: Suffering for jealousy