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Column in the ditch. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream column in the ditch. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drowned in the ditch 32
Meaning of the dream: commitments completed

fall into the ditch 7
Description: fraud, betrayal, ambush

pass over the ditch 29
Interpretation of the dream: deception

jump over a ditch 38
Translation: You will overcome the difficulties

fall into a ditch 16
Dream description: you have fallen into a trap

jumping over a ditch 12
Meaning: solution of disputes

jump the ditch 33

fortress ditch 63

ditch with snow 78

Campaign ditch 6

dry ditch 66

cross a ditch over a table 29
Description: you ll soon be the victim of unscrupulous cheaters

column 1
Interpretation of the dream: success in business

a column of alabaster 43
Translation: Victories

ancient column 80
Dream description: happy change

broken column 42
Meaning: illusions falling

wooden column 55
Translation of the dream: good insights

marble column 5
Interpretation: economic solidity

plaster column 41
Sense of the dream: illusion of love

column of alabaster 8
What does it mean: dubious fortune

decorated column 49
Meaning of the dream: agitated life

column of soldiers 31
Description: novelty and letters

column of smoke 90
Interpretation of the dream: excessive lavishness

base with column 4

Column with statue 3

Column Gold 86

Column Bronze 51

column of metal 87

column isolated 1

raising column 66

columns 11
Meaning of the dream: power, victory

columns home 61
Description: disaster

marble columns 47
Interpretation of the dream: stay firm in your principles

overturned columns 1
Translation: sign of illness next

newspaper columnist 55

magazine columnist 22