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Colorful spiders crushed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream colorful spiders crushed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

colorful flowers 22
Meaning of the dream: feelings paid

colorful gloves 16
Description: joy and relaxation

colorful hat 67
Interpretation of the dream: sudden changes

colorful tablecloth 2
Translation: just rewards

colorful sail 76
Dream description: good tidings

colorful tent 33
Meaning: modest life

colorful bow 11
Translation of the dream: satisfactions from work

colorful dress 60
Interpretation: realizations

spider crushed 76
Sense of the dream: inability to deal with problems

railroad worker crushed 89
What does it mean: sadness, discontent

colored socks 44
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

colorful corsage 87
Description: infidelity discovery

colored sandals 20
Interpretation of the dream: attraction for the unknown

boulder to be crushed 72
Translation: you are threatened and you can not control your enemies

colorful skirt 15
Dream description: want made

colorful blanket 5
Meaning: desire for love

colorful apron 18
Translation of the dream: special joy

colorful umbrella 81
Interpretation: original viewpoints

colorful scarf 38
Sense of the dream: short shift

colorful napkin 56
What does it mean: internal instability

colorful turban 36
Meaning of the dream: return of a friend

bubble crushed 69
Description: enthusiasm paid

colorful butterfly 49
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant spending

crushed 65
Translation: attention to the dangers

colorful photo 57
Dream description: good luck

colorful balloon 18
Meaning: concerns

bug squashed 90
Translation of the dream: friendships safe

colorful 17
Interpretation: being unstable

five sheets of colored sheets 12
Sense of the dream: passing whims

see spider webs 84
What does it mean: enmities secret

colored strings 41
Meaning of the dream: pain of love

colored shirts 51
Description: fluke

colored rags 89
Interpretation of the dream: forces decreasing

colored pants 6
Translation: compromises dangerous

colored shoes 70
Dream description: request money

spider catching flies 9
Meaning: success happy and great satisfaction

colored flannel 71
Translation of the dream: nervousness and fatigue

colored ball 17
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

colored paper 64
Sense of the dream: danger of hostilities

Brother suppressed 87
What does it mean: prosperity at home

Crusher 36
Meaning of the dream: moral wealth

convent suppressed 62
Description: waivers painful

crushed stone 83
Interpretation of the dream: quality yet to be expressed

flax to spin 51
Translation: rivalry secret

tear down 10
Dream description: self-doubt

melted for spinning 42
Meaning: Work nagging

barrel smashed 14
Translation of the dream: threat of rain that will damage your plantings

trampling people 34
Interpretation: threatening disease

powdered 26
Sense of the dream: measures to be taken

colored glasses 37
What does it mean: friendships suspicious

spider 88
Meaning of the dream: quarrels, discussions

colored dragees 42
Description: vitality and momentum

colored spots 64
Interpretation of the dream: increase of prestige

bruise to pinch 86
Translation: delight

multicolored parrot 88
Dream description: vanity without substance

spider mite 15
Meaning: disruptions in family

the candycolored 48
Translation of the dream: flirt interesting

tarantula 26
Interpretation: you ll have a great regret and you must leave home for a while

coal dust 49
Sense of the dream: industrious awarded