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Colorful figure who speaks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream colorful figure who speaks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

child speaks 41
Meaning of the dream: suffering from injustice

MP who speaks 76
Description: broken promises

see their family speaks 35
Interpretation of the dream: listen to it

spectrum that speaks 64
Translation: dangerous illusions

figure 11
Dream description: see a man or a woman to look

Figure obscene 75
Meaning: problems gory

draw a figure 14
Translation of the dream: Useful relations


enigmatic figure 57

figure agreed 44

Figure gypsum 13

marble figure 88

figure drawn 24

figure carved 12

jesus in Figure 63

poor figure 54
Dream description: embarrassments for upcoming events

colorful 17

colorful dress 60
Translation of the dream: realizations

colorful hat 67
Interpretation: sudden changes

colorful blanket 5
Sense of the dream: desire for love

colorful corsage 87
What does it mean: infidelity discovery

colorful bow 11
Meaning of the dream: satisfactions from work

colorful flowers 22
Description: feelings paid

colorful skirt 15
Interpretation of the dream: want made

colorful gloves 16
Translation: joy and relaxation

colorful umbrella 81
Dream description: original viewpoints

colorful scarf 38
Meaning: short shift


colorful tent 33
Translation of the dream: modest life

colorful tablecloth 2
Interpretation: just rewards

colorful napkin 56
Sense of the dream: internal instability

colorful turban 36
What does it mean: return of a friend

colorful sail 76
Meaning of the dream: good tidings

colorful butterfly 49

colorful apron 18

colorful balloon 18

colorful photo 57

speaking abbey 61
Meaning: envies

speaker 2
Translation of the dream: good prospects

install speaker 6
Interpretation: good resolutions

repair speaker 43
Sense of the dream: capacity of decision

speaker function 10
What does it mean: surprise from a friend

hidden speaker 17
Meaning of the dream: important change

defective speaker 67
Description: passing clouds

ancestor speaking 47
Interpretation of the dream: industrious recognized

artificer in wax figures 64
Translation: your diligence it will be profitable

speak heat 51
Dream description: momentary success

christ speaking 14
Meaning: change of position

devil speaking 80
Translation of the dream: forced separation

speak with the devil 56
Interpretation: danger of scams

paint figures 75
Sense of the dream: conquest ephemeral

faculty to speak 8
What does it mean: dispersion of forces

ghost speaking 35
Meaning of the dream: dangerous illusions

handkerchief with figures 26
Description: new friends

see and speak to an emperor 10
Interpretation of the dream: project of escape, escape, restlessness

dead speak 48
Translation: shocking revelations

speaker on stage 59
Dream description: obstacles with authorities

speaker in the chair 37
Meaning: critical judgments

political speaker 61
Translation of the dream: explaining to do

Civil speaker 26
Interpretation: new relationships

speaker ecclesiastical 43
Sense of the dream: good relations

speaker haranguing 80
What does it mean: bad intentions

parrot speaking 8
Meaning of the dream: thoughts and concerns

speak ear 21
Description: missed opportunity

speak loudly 83
Interpretation of the dream: antagonism and obstacles

speak softly 35
Translation: gossip and slander

speak a foreign language 3
Dream description: liberation from commitments

speak well 40
Meaning: bad habits

speak with the prior 12
Translation of the dream: fatigue and concerns

speak 57
Interpretation: gossip that will displease

speakers 59
Sense of the dream: charity, affability

48 - Smorfia classic: The dead speak 48

skeleton speaking 82
Meaning of the dream: open struggle in family

Mayor speaking 75
Description: temporary irritation

speaking from a tribune 6
Interpretation of the dream: spiritual ideals

seer speaking 17
Translation: impossible dreams

Volatile you speak 12
Dream description: listen to the wisdom of the old

speak dialect 39
Meaning: you re comfortable

abhor evil speaking 61

Bracelet with figures 74

ask to speak 19
Sense of the dream: soon you will get the answer to a question that arose from time