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Colored pillow. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream colored pillow. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pillow 11
Meaning of the dream: labor, persecution

feather pillow 16
Description: impulsive decisions

pillow with pins 2
Interpretation of the dream: despotic character

pillow on the bed 2
Translation: false security

crush a pillow 18
Dream description: weakness of character

pillow from carriage 50
Meaning: long convalescence

Travel pillow 56
Translation of the dream: unexpected profit

pillow Foot 30
Interpretation: rebellion useless

pillow for chair 26
Sense of the dream: loss of friends

pillow stuffing 31
What does it mean: Excessive modesty at work

colored bathrobe 21
Meaning of the dream: envies

colored towel 71
Description: opposition to rivals

colored glass 44
Interpretation of the dream: great imagination

colored sleeve 44
Translation: hopes unreasonable

colored socks 44
Dream description: business cheated

colored shirts 51
Meaning: fluke

colored shirt 11
Translation of the dream: changes in family

canary colored 16
Interpretation: wounded pride

colored vest 55
Sense of the dream: external protection

colored hood 72
What does it mean: exuberance sentimental

colored paper 64
Meaning of the dream: danger of hostilities

colored rags 89
Description: forces decreasing

colored wax 54
Interpretation of the dream: spirit dreamer

match colored 79
Translation: new hope

colored candle 68
Dream description: pleasant meeting

colored collar 14
Meaning: nervousness accentuated

colored dragees 42
Translation of the dream: vitality and momentum

colored curtain 41
Interpretation: vanity and frivolity

colored cotton 32
Sense of the dream: betrayed trust

colored tie 58
What does it mean: challenges to overcome

headphone colored 20
Meaning of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

colored handkerchief 75
Description: Councils concerned

colored thread 31
Interpretation of the dream: concerns inevitable

colored flannel 71
Translation: nervousness and fatigue

colored sheet 5
Dream description: unusual happenings

colored wool 20
Meaning: troublesome people and envious

colored light 23
Translation of the dream: return of a loved one

colored marble 35
Interpretation: concerns about a young person

hank colored 82
Sense of the dream: triumph in contrasts of love

colored ribbon 18
What does it mean: new knowledge

colored ball 17
Meaning of the dream: dangerous illusions

colored cloth 32
Description: news untrusted

colored pants 6
Interpretation of the dream: compromises dangerous

colored balaclava 3
Translation: responsibility

colored pen 77
Dream description: presumption and pride

colored spots 64
Meaning: increase of prestige

colored planet 13
Translation of the dream: detente and peace

colored quartz 70
Interpretation: scruples exaggerated

colored yarn 70
Sense of the dream: new turnover

colored bra 16
What does it mean: slight contrasts

colored bag 52
Meaning of the dream: heartbreak

colored sandals 20
Description: attraction for the unknown

colored scrap 48
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings sentimental