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Colored knives. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream colored knives. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

knives 83
Meaning of the dream: insults, complaints

sharpen knives 7
Description: loss of a friend

knives on the cross 27
Interpretation of the dream: ominous, murderess

colored socks 44
Translation: business cheated

colored strings 41
Dream description: pain of love

colored glasses 37
Meaning: friendships suspicious

colorful gloves 16
Translation of the dream: joy and relaxation

colored dragees 42
Interpretation: vitality and momentum

colored sandals 20
Sense of the dream: attraction for the unknown

five sheets of colored sheets 12
What does it mean: passing whims

colored rags 89
Meaning of the dream: forces decreasing

colored shirts 51
Description: fluke

colored pants 6
Interpretation of the dream: compromises dangerous

match colored 79
Translation: new hope

colored paper 64
Dream description: danger of hostilities

colorful flowers 22
Meaning: feelings paid

colored yarn 70
Translation of the dream: new turnover

colored shoes 70
Interpretation: request money

colored flannel 71
Sense of the dream: nervousness and fatigue

colored balaclava 3
What does it mean: responsibility

colored spots 64
Meaning of the dream: increase of prestige

colored candle 68
Description: pleasant meeting

colored towel 71
Interpretation of the dream: opposition to rivals

colorful butterfly 49
Translation: extravagant spending

colored pen 77
Dream description: presumption and pride

colorful napkin 56
Meaning: internal instability

colored daisy 47
Translation of the dream: need to resume energy

the knife sharpener's workshop 13
Interpretation: tranquility at home

colored ribbon 18
Sense of the dream: new knowledge

colored thread 31
What does it mean: concerns inevitable

colored paint 58
Meaning of the dream: dispel misunderstandings

colorful photo 57
Description: good luck

jar colored 6
Interpretation of the dream: financial risks

headphone colored 20
Translation: to clarify misunderstandings

colored twine 90
Dream description: pleasant trip

colored sweatshirt 77
Meaning: to clarify misunderstandings

colored kimono 56
Translation of the dream: confidence to be accorded

colored bathrobe 21
Interpretation: envies

colored dish 42
Sense of the dream: happiness and joy to the people in your family

colored dress 23
What does it mean: Dangerous Liaisons

colored quartz 70
Meaning of the dream: scruples exaggerated

colored light 23
Description: return of a loved one

colored cotton 32
Interpretation of the dream: betrayed trust

colored chapel 44
Translation: waste of time

colored notebook 61
Dream description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

knife 41
Meaning: poverty or misfortune

colored wool 20
Translation of the dream: troublesome people and envious

colorful scarf 38
Interpretation: short shift

colorful apron 18
Sense of the dream: special joy

colorful dress 60
What does it mean: realizations

colorful balloon 18
Meaning of the dream: concerns

colored garter 16
Description: misunderstanding with your loved one

bloody knife 43
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in speech

dirty knife 22
Translation: commitments unwelcome

blunt knife 41
Dream description: poverty or misfortune

sharp knife 11
Meaning: insinuations do not collect

broken knife 13
Translation of the dream: trends to be monitored