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Color red foil. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream color red foil. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Red color 26
Meaning of the dream: happy relationships

color 32
Description: personal associations and relationships

red 60
Interpretation of the dream: passion

moat Color 37
Translation: happy memories

color blue 84
Dream description: dangerous fall

color saffron 9
Meaning: a visit welcome awaits you, great honor and favor

waxed color 15
Translation of the dream: unhappiness bad news

Overseas color 10
Interpretation: long-term commitments

color gallon 80
Sense of the dream: passionate needs

Celestial color 58
What does it mean: sorrows

foil do 10
Meaning of the dream: intimate problems

black colour 62
Description: illness in the family

White color 16
Interpretation of the dream: good health

yellow color 18
Translation: sadness passing

colored sheet 5
Dream description: unusual happenings

foil torn 43
Meaning: passionate character

foil laundry 3
Translation of the dream: interests pending

green color 33
Interpretation: hopes attractive

Color apparatus 5
Sense of the dream: uncertain situation

matt color 46
What does it mean: payments that are late

color black 32
Meaning of the dream: sadness

see the color blue 64
Description: happy omen

red rabbit 85
Interpretation of the dream: dedication to a loved one

scarlet dress of this color 1
Translation: dignity, power, great authority

bet on red at roulette 12
Dream description: unsolicited advice

match red 46
Meaning: struggle with the environment

watermelon red 27
Translation of the dream: Danger averted

chickpea red 13
Interpretation: economic improvement

Orange colour 87
Sense of the dream: selfconfidence

hair color 38
What does it mean: threads dangerous

Color sketches 40
Meaning of the dream: heightened sensitivity

lilac color 87
Description: romance

red gallon 33
Interpretation of the dream: danger of deceit

Red globule 67
Translation: lure offers

fencing with the foil 62
Dream description: love letter

light blue colour 44
Meaning: harassment passing

character print red 13
Translation of the dream: good intentions

red dress 48
Interpretation: security

color fuchsia 22
Sense of the dream: hard work

see all red 26
What does it mean: rebellious

color a drawing 46
Meaning of the dream: your imagination makes you see things different from what they really are

color pale, yellow or leaden 31
Description: next illness, fever long and dangerous

red pike 39
Interpretation of the dream: windfall

red muslin 34
Translation: gossip and slander

red apparatus 2
Dream description: inner resources

red pencil 44
Meaning: capacity for endurance

Red onion 57
Translation of the dream: you will be slandered

Red thread 72
Interpretation: desire for love

vacuum foil 6
Sense of the dream: very near death of a close relative

Red velvet 52
What does it mean: letter providential

red waistcoat 18
Meaning of the dream: indecision harmful

become red 19
Description: introversion

Red awl 63
Interpretation of the dream: strong emotions in love

red bra 44
Translation: amorous encounters

red tongue 66
Dream description: your way to protect themselves from the harsh reality of life