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Colleagues in a room. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream colleagues in a room. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fray colleagues 86
Meaning of the dream: false friendships

rivalry between colleagues 78
Description: period of no confidence

working with colleagues 87
Interpretation of the dream: new relationships

envy among colleagues 17
Translation: unrepeatable occasion

discord among colleagues 67
Dream description: indecision dangerous

deputy to the room 5
Meaning: luck and happiness

enter room 30
Translation of the dream: narrow escape

furnish the room 4
Interpretation: declared enmity

furniture room 40
Sense of the dream: forebodings

light up a room 66
What does it mean: tension and anxiety

access to a room 51
Meaning of the dream: easy conquest

Riviera that enters the room 30
Description: violence, lawsuit, damages

papering a room 80
Interpretation of the dream: health and vitality

star that shines in the room 44
Translation: danger of death for the head of the family

Design a room 53
Dream description: complications in family

clear out a room 41
Meaning: pleasant meeting

eviction from a room 80
Translation of the dream: overspending

strong room 51
Interpretation: need for economy

painted room 24
Sense of the dream: unexpected events

mortuary room 50
What does it mean: unfounded suspicions

illuminated room 30
Meaning of the dream: momentary embarrassment

Riviera that comes out of the room 64
Description: danger to life

room cabinet 66
Interpretation of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

room with furniture 4
Translation: effort and work

exit room 23
Dream description: money lost

room or bedroom 43
Meaning: desire for independence

heated room 71
Translation of the dream: opposition in the work

room for resuscitation 68
Interpretation: you're too restrained in certain situations

vacate a room 76
Sense of the dream: your character improved

liven up a room 83
What does it mean: adventurous spirit

room deck with flags 38
Meaning of the dream: affirmation hampered

chandelier living room 18
Description: need for courage

dirty hotel room 6
Interpretation of the dream: you fear in undertaking a project

security room 6
Translation: fears to be overcome

decorate a room 90
Dream description: good intentions

room with people 32
Meaning: new initiatives

small room 80
Translation of the dream: sense of responsibility

empty living room 9
Interpretation: peaceful family environment

living room sofas choirs 74
Sense of the dream: pleasant news

rent an empty room 62
What does it mean: loss for bad faith

empty room 9
Meaning of the dream: rise slow and difficult

lighting living room 68
Description: painful discovery

living room 4
Interpretation of the dream: you will be slandered

close storage room 78
Translation: repressed instincts

living room chair 76
Dream description: important negotiations

tidy the room 15
Meaning: You have regrets of the past

orderly room 75
Translation of the dream: enthusiasms durable

luxury room 74
Interpretation: sad omen

rustic room 47
Sense of the dream: unstable health

adorn your room 41
What does it mean: welfare

reading room 48
Meaning of the dream: great time

billiard room 13
Description: lure offers