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Coins launched. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream coins launched. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

purse with coins 2
Meaning of the dream: infidelity of employees

mint coins 74
Description: invitation to a trip

minting coins 12
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected meeting

connoisseur of coins 10
Translation: concessions to do

melt coins 63
Dream description: fate alternates

handful of coins 86
Meaning: unexpected betrayal

silver coins 73
Translation of the dream: vanity and pride

receive coins 15
Interpretation: flattering promises

counting coins 18
Sense of the dream: gain important

change coins 81
What does it mean: mental reservations

give coins 40
Meaning of the dream: distrust of the next

steal coins 26
Description: threatening disease

find coins 28
Interpretation of the dream: encouragement valid

accumulate coins 16
Translation: dangerous hazards

gold coins 76
Dream description: important news

coins of nickel 32
Meaning: Luckily the game

bag with coins 26
Translation of the dream: nervousness and discouragement

sell coins 58
Interpretation: setback in work or in business

jar with coins 14
Sense of the dream: waste of money

barter coins 5
What does it mean: not gamble

counterfeiter of coins 8

string of coins 8

hide coins 4

mint coins false 13
Translation: futile struggle

make false coins 52
Dream description: shame and blame

peddle counterfeit coins 58
Meaning: stop work

minting silver coins 12

minting bronze coins 17

money in silver coins 80

money in gold coins 76

launcher 11
Meaning of the dream: be wary of someone

coincidence 40
Description: new favors from a friendship

wait for the coincidence 4
Interpretation of the dream: new favors from a friendship

strange coincidence 23
Translation: exceptional events

coin collection 26
Dream description: unstable situation

coin 58
Meaning: concerns

see coin 27
Translation of the dream: projects lenses work

coinage 72
Interpretation: tough business

coin phone 48
Sense of the dream: do not listen to bad news that you will be reported

ancient coin 67
What does it mean: proposals baffling

fake coin 24
Meaning of the dream: illusions destined to fall

launching platform 80
Description: lack of courage

silver coin 74
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant fortune

gold coin 38
Translation: poverty, misery dreadful

see gold coin 25
Dream description: pain

launch receive curse 80
Meaning: you re convinced that someone hates you

rare coin 2
Translation of the dream: longing for love

relaunch 19
Interpretation: happy event

launch 31
Sense of the dream: instinctive nature

launch horses 79
What does it mean: instinctive nature

launch donkeys 87
Meaning of the dream: unreasonable ideas

launch mules 45
Description: harshness of fate

launch a kick 76
Interpretation of the dream: critically

see launch a torpedo 63
Translation: poverty

launch of a transatlantic 16
Dream description: experience advantageous

launching of a submarine 6
Meaning: just reward

launch of a merchant ship 8
Translation of the dream: profitable venture

launching of a warship 68
Interpretation: anxieties and fears

attend the launch 47
Sense of the dream: critic situation

launch a ship 16
What does it mean: joy

pure gold coin 22
Meaning of the dream: you ll be rewarded handsomely

coincidence of trains 62

steel coinage 48

metal coinage 71

brass coinage 16

franc (coin) 69

launches car 1

launch scream 67

copper coin 64

small coin 65

copper in coin 6

flip side of the coin 39

reverse of coin 47

coiner arrested 3

false coining 29

bronze coin 66

French coin 80

lost coin 60

coin found 33

It remains coin 52