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Coins falling to the sea. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream coins falling to the sea. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

find coins 28
Meaning of the dream: encouragement valid

coins 73
Description: low opinion of yourself

counting coins 18
Interpretation of the dream: gain important

give coins 40
Translation: distrust of the next

steal coins 26
Dream description: threatening disease

rack up coins 52
Meaning: You receive tempting proposals

coins of nickel 32
Translation of the dream: Luckily the game

gold coins 76
Interpretation: important news

silver coins 73
Sense of the dream: vanity and pride

handful of coins 86
What does it mean: unexpected betrayal

melt coins 63
Meaning of the dream: fate alternates

receive coins 15
Description: flattering promises

change coins 81
Interpretation of the dream: mental reservations

accumulate coins 16
Translation: dangerous hazards

minting bronze coins 17
Dream description: good luck

hide coins 4
Meaning: you do not trust the other

make false coins 52
Translation of the dream: shame and blame

barter coins 5
Interpretation: not gamble

counterfeiter of coins 8
Sense of the dream: illusions to need love

string of coins 8
What does it mean: do not trust the news refer

sell coins 58
Meaning of the dream: setback in work or in business

fall into the sea 82
Description: lack of enthusiasm

mint coins false 13
Interpretation of the dream: futile struggle

mint coins 74
Translation: invitation to a trip

jar with coins 14
Dream description: waste of money

peddle counterfeit coins 58
Meaning: stop work

purse with coins 2
Translation of the dream: infidelity of employees

connoisseur of coins 10
Interpretation: concessions to do

floating in the sea 15
Sense of the dream: trip to return

strip naked to the sea 64
What does it mean: new ideals

tourists to the sea 80
Meaning of the dream: new love

money in gold coins 76
Description: happiness and luck

petals falling from the sky 72
Interpretation of the dream: next falling in love

jump into the sea 18
Translation: improvements to be made

bag with coins 26
Dream description: nervousness and discouragement

go to the sea 69
Meaning: confidential

eyebrows falling 50
Translation of the dream: betrayal of a loved one

lightning falling 25
Interpretation: Fortunately stable

man at sea 5
Sense of the dream: jealousy and resentment

bathing beach to the sea 35
What does it mean: indisposition

rock in the sea 34
Meaning of the dream: inner satisfaction

see the sea 73
Description: possibility to exploit

cross the sea 80
Interpretation of the dream: small gains

falling from the car 22
Translation: ill-intentioned people

Breast sea 49
Dream description: big events

clear sea 60
Meaning: programs to keep secrets

Spider sea 81
Translation of the dream: spiritual understanding

money in silver coins 80
Interpretation: unexpected triumph

minting silver coins 12
Sense of the dream: modest gains

falling from the mountain 74
What does it mean: satisfactions from work

overlook the sea 78
Meaning of the dream: right calculation

fish in the sea 13
Description: appointments to return

girl at sea 30
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance