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Coin collection. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream coin collection. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

coin collection 26
Meaning of the dream: unstable situation

coin 58
Description: concerns

see coin 27
Interpretation of the dream: projects lenses work

coin phone 48
Translation: do not listen to bad news that you will be reported

ancient coin 67
Dream description: proposals baffling

fake coin 24
Meaning: illusions destined to fall

silver coin 74
Translation of the dream: brilliant fortune


gold coin 38
Interpretation: poverty, misery dreadful

see gold coin 25
Sense of the dream: pain

rare coin 2
What does it mean: longing for love

franc (coin) 69

copper coin 64

small coin 65

copper in coin 6

reverse of coin 47

bronze coin 66

French coin 80

lost coin 60

coin found 33

It remains coin 52

collection 19
Meaning of the dream: material aid

pure gold coin 22
Description: you ll be rewarded handsomely

flip side of the coin 39

stamp collection 74
Translation: unexpected good news

collection of jewels 26
Dream description: jealousy in love

collection of weapons 44
Meaning: pride and pride


postcard collection 28
Translation of the dream: hopes

collection of rarities 77
Interpretation: Secret Revealed

make the collection 20
Sense of the dream: disappointments

do stamp collection 63
What does it mean: willingness stubborn

organize a collection 16
Meaning of the dream: excess of passion

collection of medals 9
Description: faithful love

collection of prints 81
Interpretation of the dream: secrets to not trust

collection of books 11
Translation: physical

collection of paintings 70
Dream description: pleasant meeting

collection of rags 70
Meaning: support and loans

play to collection 33
Translation of the dream: great effort

call for collection 69
Interpretation: nervous tension

collection for charity 50

collection of antiquities 7

butterfly collection 81

collection of bills 1

collection of receivables 27

collection of fines 29

collection of taxes 74

collect garlic 65
Meaning: meetings

farmer who collects 20
Translation of the dream: good deal in preparation

collect apricots 55
Interpretation: Happy Marriage

banker who collects 36
Sense of the dream: lack of generosity

purse with coins 2
What does it mean: infidelity of employees

collect rubble 30
Meaning of the dream: actions turbulent

collect ash 41
Description: quarrels with family

coincidence 40
Interpretation of the dream: new favors from a friendship

wait for the coincidence 4
Translation: new favors from a friendship

strange coincidence 23
Dream description: exceptional events

mint coins 74
Meaning: invitation to a trip

minting coins 12
Translation of the dream: unexpected meeting

mint coins false 13
Interpretation: futile struggle

connoisseur of coins 10
Sense of the dream: concessions to do

plunder a debt collector 13
What does it mean: lucky business

collect the grass 33
Meaning of the dream: honors and gains

collect 48
Description: material aid

coinage 72
Interpretation of the dream: tough business

equate collect 66
Translation: much honor

melt coins 63
Dream description: fate alternates

collect mushrooms 34
Meaning: ingratitude to a friend

collecting firewood 8
Translation of the dream: friendships safe

collect or eat strawberries 33
Interpretation: much joy

handful of coins 86
Sense of the dream: unexpected betrayal

silver coins 73
What does it mean: vanity and pride

receive coins 15
Meaning of the dream: flattering promises

counting coins 18
Description: gain important

change coins 81
Interpretation of the dream: mental reservations

give coins 40
Translation: distrust of the next

steal coins 26
Dream description: threatening disease

find coins 28
Meaning: encouragement valid

accumulate coins 16
Translation of the dream: dangerous hazards

collect olives from the ground 21
Interpretation: uncontrolled reactions

gold coins 76
Sense of the dream: important news

gardener collecting 34
What does it mean: realization of desires

collect straw 84
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing situation