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Clusters of oranges. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream clusters of oranges. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see and eat oranges 4
Meaning of the dream: wounds, pain or simply wrath acute

suck oranges 74
Description: impulsive instincts

plenty of oranges 16
Interpretation of the dream: lucky in love

orange peel 1
Translation: susceptibility excessive

orange (tree) 84
Dream description: tears and boredom

eat the orange 4
Meaning: wounds, pains

Orange 48
Translation of the dream: harmony, balance

orange blossom 37
Interpretation: reforms and settling

Apple Orange (tree) 15
Sense of the dream: innocence, famine

clove orange 46
What does it mean: false dreams

orange drink a juice 52
Meaning of the dream: you always want the best without straining

buy orange 35
Description: your mutual love

seize orange 16
Interpretation of the dream: you re too overbearing

orange berry 20
Translation: unexpected rescue

drink orange 19
Dream description: need for sacrifices

Orange colour 87
Meaning: selfconfidence

essence of orange 67
Translation of the dream: realization of hopes

ice cream to orange 2
Interpretation: melancholia

cluster white 25
Sense of the dream: good news soon

dropped cluster 77
What does it mean: unforeseen obstacles

cluster mature 66
Meaning of the dream: happy hours

cluster black 43
Description: deceit uncovered

small cluster 7
Interpretation of the dream: friendship, gain process

cluster on the vine 81
Translation: You want to reach people far away

sweeten orange 10
Dream description: big losses

branch of orange 59
Meaning: misunderstanding in love

Orange juice 8
Translation of the dream: wounds, pains

fresh orange juice 17
Interpretation: experience fun

orange gear 35
Sense of the dream: honor from subordinates

orangery 18
What does it mean: vain hopes of the heart

orange granita 76
Meaning of the dream: Peace and serenity

Orange and basket 75
Description: spirit dreamer

orange ladybug 43
Interpretation of the dream: positive energy