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Clouds in various forms. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream clouds in various forms. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

forms of boots 88
Meaning of the dream: precipitous actions

forms of hats 44
Description: melancholy

red clouds 18
Interpretation of the dream: moments of anger

low clouds 9
Translation: concerns

White clouds 5
Dream description: serenity

gray clouds 7
Meaning: melancholy

clouds 8
Translation of the dream: represent your mood

pink clouds 6
Interpretation: sweetness

clouds moving very quickly 5
Sense of the dream: You are moody

black clouds 2
What does it mean: concerns

dense clouds 3
Meaning of the dream: Health Concerns

High clouds 15
Description: the difficulties are far

stacks of various cards 45
Interpretation of the dream: sudden changes

dark clouds 69
Translation: business to settle urgently

moon with clouds 5
Dream description: love no tomorrow

shoe forms 68
Meaning: loss of money

walk in the clouds 81
Translation of the dream: fantasy

storm clouds 11
Interpretation: malice and resentments

fall from the clouds 33
Sense of the dream: You discover a harsh reality

horizon full of clouds 55
What does it mean: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

any pots and normal forms 44
Meaning of the dream: receive visits Useful

accumulate various things 80
Description: visits to many people of knowledge

various things 5
Interpretation of the dream: quite a good omen

horses of various colors 39
Translation: fluency in their business

herd of various animals 20
Dream description: profitable activities

bazaar of various objects 30
Meaning: external protection

different nationalities 44
Translation of the dream: desires expatriate

several females 21
Interpretation: slander

see several moons 48
Sense of the dream: you offspring

resemble various objects 36
What does it mean: give your work a due importance

domesticate various animals 3
Meaning of the dream: unexpected gain

fish of different color 17
Description: growth of disease

Various water animals 41
Interpretation of the dream: progress with work

shaped stockings 7
Translation: Effective Partnerships

form of payment 85
Dream description: negative decisions

overcast 49
Meaning: novelty traveling

white cloudy 49
Translation of the dream: career advancement

cloud over the sky 55
Interpretation: goodwill

race full of miscellaneous 19
Sense of the dream: Business real estate

see several bears 24
What does it mean: It will speak ill of you

see several criminals 27
Meaning of the dream: visits to many people of knowledge

see several religious 35
Description: loss of friends

sculpt 8
Interpretation of the dream: big changes await

cherries 79
Translation: honesty and sincerity

loaf 50
Dream description: small winning the game, modest satisfaction

cloudburst 75
Meaning: stormy days await

differ 19
Translation of the dream: danger of errors

form 71
Interpretation: payout of slander

indifferent 9
Sense of the dream: in labor disputes

sculpt in marble 31
What does it mean: inventive spirit

cloudy day 31
Meaning of the dream: unexpected solution

sculpt in bronze 16
Description: good resolutions

music stand 43
Interpretation of the dream: misfortune