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Clothing featured. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream clothing Featured. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Fur Featured 17
Meaning of the dream: serious plans for the future

Featured books 13
Description: animation work

clothing 80
Interpretation of the dream: money or commissions stolen

Featured products 66
Translation: to overcome prejudices

coat Featured 37
Dream description: friendships to be selected

clothing for children 4
Meaning: new hope

Women clothing 79
Translation of the dream: disagreements jealousy

engage clothing 46
Interpretation: indiscretion

girlish clothing 41
Sense of the dream: hide behind someone can not give a solution to a problem, need courage and sincerity

tying clothes 9
What does it mean: new facts

sleep clothes 36
Meaning of the dream: jealousies and concerns

have clothes 39
Description: pain near

be featured 20
Interpretation of the dream: discouragement transient

Men's clothing 6
Translation: friendly matches

bloody clothes 46
Dream description: you will be involved in a bad situation

barter clothes 7
Meaning: do not be stingy, you may be injured

hemming clothing 62
Translation of the dream: fluke

clothing nun 18
Interpretation: You are maturing

unadorned clothing 76
Sense of the dream: payout of hostilities

clothing priest 47
What does it mean: insecurity

buy clothes 87
Meaning of the dream: Donations

starching clothes 72
Description: benefits and protections

discolor clothing spouse 10
Interpretation of the dream: economic problems

lend clothes 43
Translation: decisive events

stuffing clothes 22
Dream description: liberation from grave danger

discolor clothing children 73
Meaning: feel the weight of responsibility

clean clothes 51
Translation of the dream: excessive generosity

discolor clothing father 29
Interpretation: You want to deal with economic problems

Clothing of the Friars 56
Sense of the dream: difficult relationships

flapping clothes 10
What does it mean: solution of a problem

discolor clothing 18
Meaning of the dream: You want time to pass quickly

perfuming clothes 37
Description: something in your life it is not good more

turn on clothes 29
Interpretation of the dream: gossip of neighbors

bedtime clothes 38
Translation: threatening disease

clothes stall 4
Dream description: do not let induce chatter

pricing clothes 52
Meaning: imaginative projects

pack up clothing 18
Translation of the dream: concerns

lighten clothing 21
Interpretation: patience in working

wardrobe with clothes 74
Sense of the dream: Fortunately vanished

take off clothes 20
What does it mean: difficult situations

clothing to mask 77
Meaning of the dream: envy and malice

quilting clothing 55
Description: momentary elation

jailhouse clothes 46
Interpretation of the dream: sense of security

have embroidered clothes 31
Translation: honors and money

dirty clothes 8
Dream description: joy and honor

clothing trade 7
Meaning: were calmer

clothes tear on your face 13
Translation of the dream: your life comfortable and safe

give clothes 30
Interpretation: diplomacy and tact

changing clothes 52
Sense of the dream: unexpected event

dye clothes 11
What does it mean: dangerous actions

wet clothes 15
Meaning of the dream: bright future

scarcity of clothes 90
Description: exaggerated ambition