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Close the pit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream close the pit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pit 56
Meaning of the dream: Built extra money

fall into a pit 47
Description: good health

pit coal 7
Interpretation of the dream: constructive energy

deep pit 26
Translation: fears and jealousy

skip the pit 34
Dream description: obstacle avoidance

throw themselves into the pit 15
Meaning: bitterness and trouble

dig a pit 56
Translation of the dream: desire for novelty

emptying a pit 54
Interpretation: unexpected rescue

drown in pit 33

pit of trees 23

manure pit 54

pit manuscripts 67

Pit eyes 76

pit to be excavated 32

Campaign pit 5

pit filled 46

cherry pit 31

get close to anything 19
Interpretation: curiosity

be close to someone 15
Sense of the dream: unexpected aid

close 59
What does it mean: your business is the worst

close the tray 20
Meaning of the dream: inhibitions and complexes

close the bolt 45
Description: Excessive pedantry

close to the door 9
Interpretation of the dream: lasting commitment

close windows 16
Translation: working tirelessly

close the blinds 43
Dream description: non-resistance

close the shop 35
Meaning: resentment and bitterness

close the closet 78
Translation of the dream: danger of carelessness

close the gate 67
Interpretation: competition and disloyalty

close the refrigerator 26
Sense of the dream: impatience and rebellion

Close a Drawer 22
What does it mean: new spending

close the safe 45
Meaning of the dream: difficult situation

close accounts 8
Description: slow progress

close an envelope 61
Interpretation of the dream: New appointments

close a deal 58
Translation: mischief and cunning

close the account 63
Dream description: fluid situation

close the window 1
Meaning: serious responsibility

close the umbrella 26
Translation of the dream: lack of confidence

close a fold 62
Interpretation: lack of confidence

close the dustbin 20
Sense of the dream: trouble and contrasts

close closet 78
What does it mean: repressed instincts

step close 56
Meaning of the dream: some contrast

close casket 30
Description: important decision

close the stable 5
Interpretation of the dream: tormenting suspicions

closet close 81
Translation: unrealistic ideas

half-close 21
Dream description: experience fun

see close the grave 86
Meaning: new relationships

close to home 11

close in college 78

close to the convent 51

close a chamber 47

close a cellar 45

close a church 58

close a shutter 55

Remember to close the mail 34
Translation: hard times

open or close the blinds 28
Dream description: love solitude

being close to a plank floorboards 47
Meaning: you will be disturbed in an interview loving

funeral of a relative or close friend 4
Translation of the dream: honor wealth ance advantageous marriage

hospitality 25
Interpretation: visits from afar

alcoholic hospital 12
Sense of the dream: harmful thoughts

enclose a check 30
What does it mean: small gain

sick at the hospital 45
Meaning of the dream: sudden trip

go to the hospital 13
Description: contrariness

closet full 45
Interpretation of the dream: need for thoughts more optimistic

Closed cabinet 7
Translation: inspirations successful

closet with linen 72
Dream description: sorrows that are intended to pass

roasting spit 28
Meaning: loss of a friend

pitched battle 2
Translation of the dream: secret disclosed

foundling hospital 41
Interpretation: Liberation from concerns

pitcher 26
Sense of the dream: misfortune

earthenware pitcher 79
What does it mean: momentary depressions

glass pitcher 75
Meaning of the dream: little understanding

full pitcher 11
Description: battle to sustain

empty pitcher 37
Interpretation of the dream: encouraging results

give the pitcher 2
Translation: unnecessary expenses

armpits 11
Dream description: voluptuousness

stay in the closet 80
Meaning: meeting with loved one

comrade to hospital 50
Translation of the dream: consolation to relatives