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Close a cellar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream close a cellar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

close a cellar 45

grateful cellar 11
Description: hidden enemies

railing cellar 9

rat cellar 1
Translation: unexpected loss

cellar with supplies 22
Dream description: harmful relationships

rent a cellar 66
Meaning: next advantages

cellar with goods 15

whitewashing cellar 65


host cellar 75
Sense of the dream: secret plots

drunk cellar 66

cellar with coal 26
Meaning of the dream: favors refused

trapdoor to the cellar 65
Description: lack of objectivity

Close a Drawer 22
Interpretation of the dream: new spending

moldy cellar 12
Translation: sentimental conquests

close the blinds 43
Dream description: non-resistance

close the account 63
Meaning: fluid situation

close the umbrella 26
Translation of the dream: lack of confidence

close the bolt 45
Interpretation: Excessive pedantry

close the closet 78
Sense of the dream: danger of carelessness

close the tray 20
What does it mean: inhibitions and complexes

close the refrigerator 26
Meaning of the dream: impatience and rebellion

close a shutter 55

close a chamber 47

barrel cellar 10

close an envelope 61
Dream description: New appointments

close a church 58

close the dustbin 20
Translation of the dream: trouble and contrasts

close the safe 45
Interpretation: difficult situation

close the shop 35
Sense of the dream: resentment and bitterness

cellar with bundles 2

go down to the cellar 57
Meaning of the dream: physical depression

close windows 16
Description: working tirelessly

close a fold 62
Interpretation of the dream: lack of confidence

close the stable 5
Translation: tormenting suspicions

luminary for cellar 79

cellar with barrels 74
Meaning: constructive energy

wine cellar with barrels 74
Translation of the dream: creative force

cellar 6
Interpretation: disease and misery

cellar with wood 87
Sense of the dream: spontaneity criticized

close 59
What does it mean: your business is the worst

hanged in the cellar 21

Ant in the cellar 6

close the gate 67
Interpretation of the dream: competition and disloyalty

open or close the blinds 28
Translation: love solitude

close accounts 8
Dream description: slow progress

see close the grave 86
Meaning: new relationships

Remember to close the mail 34
Translation of the dream: hard times

closing the stable door 16
Interpretation: errors of judgment

close a deal 58
Sense of the dream: mischief and cunning

closing a balcony 41
What does it mean: identity crisis

close the window 1
Meaning of the dream: serious responsibility

silver salt cellar 37
Description: mood swings

closing in prison 60

basement with supplies 22
Translation: uncertain relationships

basement with wood 37
Dream description: attitudes criticized

Basement with coal 26
Meaning: lack of aid

deadbolt 19
Translation of the dream: a crude man will offend

lock 82
Interpretation: disappointment and discussions

close casket 30
Sense of the dream: important decision

closing cash 28

basement with rats 36
Meaning of the dream: delays and impediments

flooding of a basement 83
Description: sudden illness

Closing Office 61
Interpretation of the dream: Do not miss important opportunities

close storage room 78
Translation: repressed instincts