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Clean cloths folded. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream clean cloths folded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

clean rags 83
Meaning of the dream: fluctuating fortune

clean glasses 70
Description: discovery of intrigue

drain wet cloths 82
Interpretation of the dream: new love

lathering cloths 84
Translation: happiness in family

sewing cloths 26
Dream description: try to put a patch on your mistakes

beat cloths 20
Meaning: mild resignation

roll cloths 56
Translation of the dream: your secrets will be discovered

delicate cloths 14
Interpretation: small joys

wash cloths 16
Sense of the dream: protection and support

clean fingers 69
What does it mean: recovery of health

clean furniture 66
Meaning of the dream: great activities

clean windows 65
Description: new resolutions

armful of cloths 68
Interpretation of the dream: important decisions to make

addition agent cloths 14
Translation: pleasant surprises and changes

wash cloths at home 34
Dream description: you do not know your stuff

clean teeth 70
Meaning: good new home

wash cloths outdoors 29
Translation of the dream: gossip in the air

basin with cloths 48
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

clean hands 67
Sense of the dream: conclusion of a deal

clean rooms 76
What does it mean: waiting for news

clean boots 6
Meaning of the dream: choice to make

clean clothes 51
Description: excessive generosity

clean cloth 51
Interpretation of the dream: gains with work

clean linen 26
Translation: requited love

clean toilet 64
Dream description: Good news from far off place

clean fork 66
Meaning: luck in the game

clean apron 65
Translation of the dream: reports to be clarified

clean city 23
Interpretation: fickle spirit

clean vegetables 75
Sense of the dream: talk in the family

clean metals 16
What does it mean: small satisfactions

clean ashtray 81
Meaning of the dream: sudden decision

kennel clean 3
Description: strong protections

clean hovel 61
Interpretation of the dream: great inner strength

clean headboards 90
Translation: you will have your job satisfaction

arms folded 42
Dream description: moral satisfaction

clean baby bottle 68
Meaning: serenity

colored cloth 32
Translation of the dream: news untrusted

cloth discolored 6
Interpretation: fickleness of character

clean up metals 16
Sense of the dream: small joys

Clean shoes 6
What does it mean: complicated matters

clean sink 16
Meaning of the dream: embarrassments

clean blanket 38
Description: indolence and laziness

clean friendship 39
Interpretation of the dream: complicated problems

clean skirt 56
Translation: troublesome issues

clean ground 88
Dream description: bad omen

clean towel 4
Meaning: deceit uncovered

clean sawdust 71
Translation of the dream: desire for renewal

clean river 65
Interpretation: conclusion that delays

dirty cloth 16
Sense of the dream: processing projects

clean fireplace hood 70
What does it mean: possibility of new jobs

furled sail 68
Meaning of the dream: emotional problems

clean environment 81
Description: exaggerations

clean record 52
Interpretation of the dream: relationships

collar clean 62
Translation: serenity of mind