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Claw seal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream claw seal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

claw 55
Meaning of the dream: Love at Large

eagle claw 32
Description: blunders to avoid

lion claw 4
Interpretation of the dream: anguish of love

Tiger Claw 89
Translation: trouble at home

claw falcon 54
Dream description: cheating dangerous

Cat's Claw 26
Meaning: to cultivate new interests

seal 43
Translation of the dream: make sure your future

the seal 6
Interpretation: security

seal in water 9
Sense of the dream: short trip

seal fat 44
What does it mean: energy physics

seal skin 45
Meaning of the dream: personal affirmation

seal a document 45
Description: family meeting

seal a letter 36
Interpretation of the dream: physical fatigue

seal a box 20
Translation: new friends

seal a pack 22
Dream description: being quiet

seal a jar 31
Meaning: Luckily the game

a door seal 48
Translation of the dream: declining health

seal a lock 12
Interpretation: concerns for the future

seal a bottle 7
Sense of the dream: secret desires

seal a door 9
What does it mean: dangerous hazards

seal packages 22
Meaning of the dream: poor judgment

seal a pact 36
Description: mobility reports

seal a testament 11
Interpretation of the dream: great vitality

broken seal 59
Translation: loss of

seal with pearls 43
Dream description: makes the most of your resources

golden seal 78
Meaning: aid by person in authority

seal drive 38
Translation of the dream: lack of initiative

Wool seal 49
Interpretation: great cunning

Fashion Seal 54
Sense of the dream: waste of money

tape seal 68
What does it mean: capacity for endurance

Silk seal 2
Meaning of the dream: demonstration of good faith

seal for clothing 69
Description: business to be clarified

sealing wax 40
Interpretation of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

sealing wax black 41
Translation: mistaken beliefs

use sealing wax 15
Dream description: prudence and confidentiality

defend themselves from the claws of cats 20
Meaning: attacks by thieves

engravers of seals 15
Translation of the dream: not betray the faith reposed in you

sealed bubble 71
Interpretation: mishaps negligible

unseal 82
Sense of the dream: aggressive intentions

unseal a parcel 90
What does it mean: remember you are pregnant or next pregnancy

unseal a telegram 54
Meaning of the dream: lost confidence

unseal a letter 5
Description: excessive dynamism