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Clarinet brass. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream clarinet brass. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

old clarinet 36
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

clarinet broken 58
Description: proposals baffling

modern clarinet 67
Interpretation of the dream: careful with money

brass 1
Translation: imprudence

brass breastplate 53
Dream description: sick passenger

raw brass 70
Meaning: strong will

cast brass 76
Translation of the dream: conflicts with the environment

brass spoon 3
Interpretation: family concerns

brass censer 10
Sense of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

brass pulley 23
What does it mean: agitation useless

brass jar 46
Meaning of the dream: the likely entry of money

wrought brass 4
Description: Professional Success

laid brass 25
Interpretation of the dream: Prosperity and joy

Brass objects 17
Translation: You discover the scams of bad people

andirons brass 84
Dream description: peace and serenity in the family

brass lamp 11
Meaning: pleasant emotions

brass coinage 16
Translation of the dream: good health and serenity

brass thimble 71
Interpretation: discomforts passengers

brass brazier 48
Sense of the dream: need to act

gate of brass 28
What does it mean: convincing ideas

machined brass 10
Meaning of the dream: satisfactions of love

brass basin 45
Description: secret intentions

brass filings 13
Interpretation of the dream: you have a lot of positivity

brass workshop 45
Translation: strong negative emotions

brass ring 63
Dream description: punishment undeserved

brass plates 22
Meaning: ambition and success

brass candlestick 86
Translation of the dream: prudence with superiors

Brass Chain 55
Interpretation: sentimental mishap

brass cross 36
Sense of the dream: burning Love

brass bed 74
What does it mean: good faith betrayed

brass tray 54
Meaning of the dream: ambiguous proposals

brass handle 5
Description: lack of objectivity

brass candlesticks 67
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant illusions

brass plate 11
Translation: jealousy and incompatibility

brass ring nuptial 32
Dream description: romance

Brass pipe 63
Meaning: great physical shape

brass medal 90
Translation of the dream: Legal difficulties

bronze handle 18
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

sculpt in bronze 16
Sense of the dream: good resolutions

brass instruments 16
What does it mean: great physical strength

bronze sculpture 90
Meaning of the dream: lucky in love

bronze bell 6
Description: useful contacts

minting bronze coins 17
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

bolt bronze 41
Translation: still in business

Column Bronze 51
Dream description: you have forgotten your true self or your family roots

slag bronze 65
Meaning: nostalgia secret

bronze gate 24
Translation of the dream: beware of appearances

bronze horse 68
Interpretation: hard struggle for life

bronze howitzer 60
Sense of the dream: dangerous passion

bronze circle 41
What does it mean: joy disturbed

bronze wreath 66
Meaning of the dream: loss of their jobs, rheumatism cured

Bronze Cannon 74
Description: happy choice

bronze idol 5
Interpretation of the dream: lengthy negotiations

bronze vase 16
Translation: money refund