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Circle at sea. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream circle at sea. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

circle 80
Meaning of the dream: excellent prospects

iron circle 48
Description: rivalry in love

wooden circle 17
Interpretation of the dream: protection and aid

metal circle 36
Translation: envy

golden circle 16
Dream description: false mirages

silver circle 31
Meaning: waivers painful

copper circle 46
Translation of the dream: good health

circle of aluminum 76
Interpretation: intrigue hidden

circle of the barrel 70
Sense of the dream: Effective collaboration

play with the circle 9
What does it mean: lack of courage

draw a circle 51
Meaning of the dream: possibility to exploit

circle of nobles 38
Description: benefits from the profession

circle of students 61
Interpretation of the dream: lasting joys

circle of literati 12
Translation: desire for independence

Circle popular 29
Dream description: great ideas

circle of game 58
Meaning: squabbles interest

circle of hunting 88
Translation of the dream: lucky trip

part of a circle 17
Interpretation: new friends

be expelled from the circle 3
Sense of the dream: compromising friendships

circle basins 86
What does it mean: scrupulousness in spending

circle vats 34
Meaning of the dream: luck and success

bronze circle 41
Description: joy disturbed

broken circle 66
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and health

zinc circle 19
Translation: valid support

bright circle 26
Dream description: nervous tension

perfect circle 81
Meaning: affective inconstancy

artistic circle 64
Translation of the dream: need for decision

Catholic circle 38
Interpretation: prudence with correspondence

literary circle 15
Sense of the dream: peace of mind

widen the circle of acquaintances 51
What does it mean: new openings in the labor

sea 1
Meaning of the dream: your unconscious and the transition between your unconscious and conscious

go to the sea 69
Description: confidential

take to the sea 41
Interpretation of the dream: New Adventures

see the sea 73
Translation: possibility to exploit

lowering of the sea 1
Dream description: wrongdoing

live at sea 68
Meaning: betrayal of friends

camp by the sea 37
Translation of the dream: inner joys

sea water 29
Interpretation: infirmity

overlook the sea 78
Sense of the dream: right calculation

high sea 11
What does it mean: enthusiasm for new ideas

drown at sea 25
Meaning of the dream: good business

sea ​​air 4
Description: disease passing

cross the sea 80
Interpretation of the dream: small gains

sea ​​bath 59
Translation: unclear situation

boat on the sea 69
Dream description: unjustified jealousy

binoculars by sea 2
Meaning: love of mystery

bivouac at sea 3
Translation of the dream: false settings

sea ​​cow 88
Interpretation: diseases avoided

stormy sea 36
Sense of the dream: bad speculations

jump into the sea 18
What does it mean: improvements to be made