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Church marry. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream church marry. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

marry again 31
Meaning of the dream: Unresolved situations pending

marry 88
Description: soon you reach the goal of your desires

marry a daughter 12
Interpretation of the dream: happiness

marry a son 71
Translation: request for help

marry a relative 72
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

marry for love 4
Meaning: late news

forcibly marry 26
Translation of the dream: justifiable doubts

marry a widow 6
Interpretation: danger of loss

marry a prostitute 55
Sense of the dream: the end of a friendship

celebrate marry 58
What does it mean: heightened emotionality

marry again with a woman old 88
Meaning of the dream: moments of fatigue

marry again with a widow 90
Description: need of rest

marry a widower 74
Interpretation of the dream: concerns for the future

marry with maid 67
Translation: quarrels with relatives

marry for duty 31
Dream description: economic benefits

marry into wealthy 20
Meaning: wise insight

marry for interest 18
Translation of the dream: dereliction

marry her inlaws 12
Interpretation: waivers secret

marry off children 31
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

brother to marry 40
What does it mean: honor deserved

marry the friend 77
Meaning of the dream: We are not satisfied with their path and you have to reevaluate some choices

marry his sister 11
Description: news by letter

marry again with elderly 61
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationship

marry again with a young woman 42
Translation: compromised situation

marry again with a young man 7
Dream description: positive situations

go to church 67
Meaning: physical ailments

church 84
Translation of the dream: godsend

Abbess in church 84
Interpretation: interesting news

embellishing a church 84
Sense of the dream: setback

access to a church 70
What does it mean: looking for love

halberdier church 33
Meaning of the dream: happiness deserved

coffin in church 16
Description: privileges conquered

Church property 45
Interpretation of the dream: Economic instability

pickpocket in church 57
Translation: attention to what you say

church bell 60
Dream description: problems to be addressed

church steeple 63
Meaning: lack of commitment

singing in church 22
Translation of the dream: nature patient

Cardinal in church 60
Interpretation: career advancement

Carmelite church 15
Sense of the dream: aid from an old friend

catafalque in the church 37
What does it mean: easy fortune

candle in church 55
Meaning of the dream: obstacles removed

church in town 32
Description: new experiences

country church 7
Interpretation of the dream: happy Days

Parish Church 65
Translation: good future

Protestant church 74
Dream description: bad news

church decked 40
Meaning: awards to your work

Church desecrated 77
Translation of the dream: sorrows and diseases