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Church jesus. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream church jesus. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

worship jesus 48
Meaning of the dream: protections

blaspheming jesus 90
Description: takes extra money

jesus passion 71
Interpretation of the dream: agitation and anxiety

jesus in Figure 63
Translation: sense of security

Nativity of Jesus 25
Dream description: exuberance

shroud of Jesus 1
Meaning: mystification of events

see jesus christ 5
Translation of the dream: you'll have plenty wellbeing

Jesus Christ 33
Interpretation: the dreamer will have a prosperous future

talk to jesus christ 32
Sense of the dream: hopes and consolations

baby Jesus 25
What does it mean: violent passion

listen jesus christ 8
Meaning of the dream: consolation

church 84
Description: godsend

beautiful church 12
Interpretation of the dream: good position

small church 6
Translation: melancholy and depression

big church 53
Dream description: consolation and joy

consecrating a church 84
Meaning: upsets passengers

circumvent a church 2
Translation of the dream: moments of agitation

Parish Church 65
Interpretation: good future

embellishing a church 84
Sense of the dream: setback

church in town 32
What does it mean: new experiences

demolish a church 41
Meaning of the dream: unhappy love

desecrate a church 48
Description: cowardice and bad faith

loot a church 26
Interpretation of the dream: serious misfortune

visit a church 66
Translation: serene thoughts

Abbot Church 55
Dream description: future plans

raising church 78
Meaning: good romantic relationships

empty church 64
Translation of the dream: threatening disease

church ugly 24
Interpretation: setbacks that hinder

illuminated church 49
Sense of the dream: good wishes

church open 13
What does it mean: long life and abundance

Greek church 75
Meaning of the dream: ambitions fulfilled

church full 73
Description: riches and honors

church baptized 51
Interpretation of the dream: news from afar

Church desecrated 77
Translation: sorrows and diseases

Church burned 60
Dream description: to avert danger

church closed 30
Meaning: dangers to be avoided

religious church 5
Translation of the dream: large caps

church decked 40
Interpretation: awards to your work

church step 88
Sense of the dream: Company fortunate

Church flooding 39
What does it mean: favorable earnings coli abroad

halberdier church 33
Meaning of the dream: happiness deserved

wrought church 25
Description: passing enthusiasm

leave the church 34
Interpretation of the dream: delays and impediments

violate church 28
Translation: severe damage and sorrows

chandelier church 29
Dream description: sudden change of plans

attending church 77
Meaning: situation stable

church lighting 39
Translation of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

church cruet 41
Interpretation: happiness next

damask church 12
Sense of the dream: achievements in the work

venerate the church 54
What does it mean: great consolation and joy

church steeple 63
Meaning of the dream: lack of commitment

sweep a church 5
Description: friendships

close a church 58
Interpretation of the dream: revenge on enemies

church orchestra 66
Translation: challenging tasks

draw a church 15
Dream description: zeal and patience