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Choose tablecloth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream choose tablecloth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

choose 17
Meaning of the dream: wise insight

choose tie 46
Description: favorable movements

choose rag 4
Interpretation of the dream: willingness weak

choose a profession 4
Translation: news to keep secret

choose a lipstick 42
Dream description: economic swings

choose a spouse 25
Meaning: meeting interesting

choose a lawyer 4
Translation of the dream: economic difficulties

choose a friend 18
Interpretation: novelty in the work

choose and explain letters 58
Sense of the dream: you will know the truth

mending a tablecloth 63
What does it mean: maturation of ideas

spread a tablecloth 61
Meaning of the dream: evidence of sympathy

white tablecloth 61
Description: happy event

colorful tablecloth 2
Interpretation of the dream: just rewards

dirty tablecloth 28
Translation: infidelity

tablecloth laundry 19
Dream description: prosperity and health

put the tablecloth 9
Meaning: joyful expectation

remove the tablecloth 72
Translation of the dream: waivers and disappointments

wash the tablecloth 78
Interpretation: strength and health

iron the tablecloth 3
Sense of the dream: hope and joy

buy the tablecloth 65
What does it mean: instincts to control

fold the tablecloth 12
Meaning of the dream: new possibilities

engage tablecloth 35

stained tablecloth wine 6
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

tablecloth lying in the sun 55
Translation: travel and satisfaction

hemming tablecloths 71
Dream description: melancholy passing

embroider tablecloths 14
Meaning: return of a loved one

choosing a doctor 6
Translation of the dream: desire for freedom