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Chocolate that dirty trousers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chocolate that dirty trousers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

poured chocolate 5
Meaning of the dream: emotional shallowness

whisk chocolate 59
Description: good health

chocolate pieces 42
Interpretation of the dream: projects in love

liquid chocolate 87
Translation: Hidden Dangers

chocolate English 26
Dream description: to overcome shyness

chocolate 11
Meaning: good health, goodness of mind

millstones chocolate 82
Translation of the dream: differences in work

jug with chocolate 2
Interpretation: useful request to be accepted

bread with chocolate 16
Sense of the dream: physical depression

eating chocolate 19
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

dark chocolate 1
Meaning of the dream: hasty judgments

chocolate with bread 44
Description: need of supports

mouthful of chocolate 70
Interpretation of the dream: unmet expectations

chocolate candy 10
Translation: dangerous temptations

buy chocolate 20
Dream description: complications momentary

see chocolate 10
Meaning: wealth and well-being

Chocolate failure 13
Translation of the dream: goal reached

donut with chocolate 78
Interpretation: good intentions

offer chocolate 32
Sense of the dream: jealousy in love

nougat chocolate 77
What does it mean: serenity of spirit

chocolate with almonds 64
Meaning of the dream: dissatisfaction and boredom

fond of chocolate 52
Description: health and activity

milk chocolate 53
Interpretation of the dream: deception, abuse of confidence at the expense of the dreamer

cream puffs with chocolate 58
Translation: pleasant change

chocolate liqueur 65
Dream description: satisfactions and joys passing

chocolate sorbet 16
Meaning: physical discomfort

chocolate cream 6
Translation of the dream: minor annoyances

Chocolate Cake 40
Interpretation: physical discomfort

dirty hands 73
Sense of the dream: risk of theft

nougat covered with chocolate 52
What does it mean: ephemeral successes

chocolate bar 16
Meaning of the dream: good health and happiness

chocolate pudding 45
Description: life unsafe

patched trousers 29
Interpretation of the dream: secret betrayed

dirty gloves 14
Translation: gossip to avoid

pants (mask) 90
Dream description: you re too light

pressed trousers 81
Meaning: discretion and prudence

stained trousers 4
Translation of the dream: little objectivity

trousers blacks 73
Interpretation: rumors from a friend

stretch trousers 2
Sense of the dream: interesting revelations

cotton trousers 49
What does it mean: next deal

sewing trousers 36
Meaning of the dream: ambition fulfilled

dirty fingernails 65
Description: remorse for wrongdoing

dirty fingers 84
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous waste of money

long trousers 55
Translation: projects that are successful

trousers broken 30
Dream description: opposition in love

white trousers 63
Meaning: unwelcome surprises

upbeat pants 65
Translation of the dream: revelations

buy pants 11
Interpretation: pitfall hidden

velvet trousers 8
Sense of the dream: concerns over a deal

lined trousers 3
What does it mean: gossip and slander

leather trousers 5
Meaning of the dream: news from afar

uncreased trousers 40
Description: small fortune

trousers without crease 40
Interpretation of the dream: small fortune

trousers 71
Translation: disorders for slander

arms dirty 75
Dream description: imprudence in acting

dirty sheets 68
Meaning: critic situation

wide trousers 80
Translation of the dream: reconciliation with a friend

anus dirty 32
Interpretation: significant gain

pajama trousers 35
Sense of the dream: conflicting ideas