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Chili and fruit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chili and fruit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sell fruit 85
Meaning of the dream: harmonious understanding with family

fruit and vegetables 39
Description: Fortunately coming

stealing fruit 13
Interpretation of the dream: Strange Adventures

dealer fruit 63
Translation: good opportunity to be seized

blend fruit 11
Dream description: new proposals

fruit spoils 82
Meaning: sorrow and discord

dish for fruit 66
Translation of the dream: uncertain situation

assortment of fruit 65
Interpretation: distrust in the near

export fruit 38
Sense of the dream: happiness and good humor

Seller of fruit 68
What does it mean: small emotional crisis

plenty of fruit 2
Meaning of the dream: unfortunate speculation

bowl with fruit 89
Description: lack of loyalty

fruit at the market 85
Interpretation of the dream: big profit

table with fruit 41
Translation: prodigality

cut fruit 68
Dream description: new creative forces

order fruit 5
Meaning: difficult relationships

fruit candies 9
Translation of the dream: new friendships

fruit tart 54
Interpretation: disease

weigh fruit 54
Sense of the dream: fighting spirit

fruit harvest 87
What does it mean: fight uncomfortable

crumple fruit 16
Meaning of the dream: good business

shortage of fruit 57
Description: unusual experiences

hamper with fruit 15
Interpretation of the dream: favors granted

fruit sauce 22
Translation: seductive illusions

board fruit 82
Dream description: vitality and energy

sliced ​​fruit 22
Meaning: changes in life

buy fruit 77
Translation of the dream: advantages secrets

bite fruit 10
Interpretation: slander

fruit spot 6
Sense of the dream: pleasant news

exhibition of fruit 26
What does it mean: you will feel better

fruit stand 62
Meaning of the dream: work poorly rewarded

eating fruits 3
Description: dangerous opponents

catch fruit 5
Interpretation of the dream: good earnings

donut fruit 76
Translation: Period of nervousness

fresh fruit 59
Dream description: suffering constant

medlar fruit load 33
Meaning: honors, wealth

eat unripe fruit 89
Translation of the dream: unexpected pleasure

fruit shop 62
Interpretation: work poorly rewarded

fruit syrup 74
Sense of the dream: practical achievements

import fruit 63
What does it mean: considered judgments

cherry fruits 80
Meaning of the dream: unreasonable fees

walnut fruit 24
Description: chatter and sorrows

fruit ice cream 7
Interpretation of the dream: return of money

canned fruit 8
Translation: ostentatious generosity

shrub with fruit 57
Dream description: support to be given to relatives

fruit garnet 62
Meaning: would you be strong and balanced

fruit leather 17
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

basket of fruit 15
Interpretation: favors granted

string of fruits 87
Sense of the dream: Critical to Avoid

famine fruit 11
What does it mean: lightness and flightiness

fruit with worms 59
Meaning of the dream: health recovery

fruit pulp 14
Description: good health

cream with fruit 67
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings

chest with fruit 44
Translation: unfortunate investments

basket full of fruit 15
Dream description: favors granted