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Child generic. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream child generic. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

generic 51
Meaning of the dream: calumnies that harm

collarette child 33
Description: unfounded fears

child 1
Interpretation of the dream: desire to have a child

child falls 5
Translation: wheezing love

child speaks 41
Dream description: suffering from injustice

child fell 90
Meaning: indecision dangerous

watch a child 33
Translation of the dream: Discussions with family

cover a child 71
Interpretation: ailments passengers

child drinking 29
Sense of the dream: flatterers dangerous

vicious child 68
What does it mean: not to repress your instincts

a wayward child 10
Meaning of the dream: misjudgments

child liar 29
Description: excessive liveliness

child gondola 18
Interpretation of the dream: You think often you would like a present different from the current

cap child 39
Translation: end of love

child murdered 60
Dream description: malicious gossip

gag child 54
Meaning: good omen

child dying 48
Translation of the dream: ill health

a child to lie down 75
Interpretation: lack of self-confidence

child who reads 80
Sense of the dream: little constancy in work

child eating 20
What does it mean: serenity disturbed

take a child 42
Meaning of the dream: encouragement flattering

child walking 32
Description: news like

Stolen Child 50
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

child submissive 65
Translation: lure offers

child at the window 45
Dream description: career advancement

drowned child 30
Meaning: affective shortage

go with a child 69
Translation of the dream: family quarrels

beating a child 2
Interpretation: impatience

slapping a child 66
Sense of the dream: uncertainties and doubts

choke a child 7
What does it mean: bad luck and setbacks

child running 62
Meaning of the dream: useless projects

bloodied child 8
Description: personal charm

hold a child 90
Interpretation of the dream: hope for the future

pity a child 10
Translation: new hope

flatter a child 14
Dream description: betrayal discovered

entice a child 6
Meaning: confidentiality harmful

calm a child 3
Translation of the dream: narrow escape

force a child 38
Interpretation: insights false

scold a child 70
Sense of the dream: excellent chance

whipping a child 73
What does it mean: complex to be overcome

trailing a child 68
Meaning of the dream: intolerance

wake up a child 56
Description: serenity family

humiliate a child 72
Interpretation of the dream: need advice

child painting 41
Translation: end of love

magnetize child 49
Dream description: happy event

feed a child 27
Meaning: achieving a goal

touch a child 51
Translation of the dream: inner balance

of child face 7
Interpretation: success of enterprise

represent a child 9
Sense of the dream: solicitude of relatives

a toothless child 15
What does it mean: health fears

discourage a child 3
Meaning of the dream: balance and discipline

coddling a child 43
Description: inner dissatisfaction

console a child 69
Interpretation of the dream: status uncertain

punish a child 6
Translation: economic concerns

favor a child 52
Dream description: insecurity and inability to focus on things

convalescent visit a child 27
Meaning: important trip