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Chick. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chick. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

chick 12
Meaning of the dream: unalterable friendship, innocence

born chick 87

kill a chick 53
Interpretation of the dream: delay in its affairs

roast chicken 1
Translation: advantageous deals

chicks 12
Dream description: treachery

freerange chicken 9

chicks dead 1
Translation of the dream: sorry for treason

chicks pecking 25
Interpretation: efforts rewarded

bad girl 2

beautiful girl 29
What does it mean: joys sentimental

sick girl 33
Meaning of the dream: new achievements

beautiful lass 29
Description: happiness sentimental

virgin girl 84
Interpretation of the dream: luck and joy

chicks who drink 38
Translation: resignation

poor girl 51
Dream description: lure offers

dead girl 33
Meaning: betrayal by employees

young girl kissed 56

hen with chicks 12
Interpretation: unexpected gain

basket with chicks 16

Penguin with chicks 77
What does it mean: successes

studious young girl 31

working girl 8

cage with chicks 54

country girl 89
Translation: health recovery

young girl arrested 15

young girl kissing 69

drunk young girl 73

chickens and chicks together 65
Interpretation: loss to be repaired

nest with chicks 61
Sense of the dream: uncertainty about what to do

kiss the girl 6
What does it mean: happy auspices

young girl lying 48

girl's handbag 10

chicks with mother hen 14
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

young girl who works 5

young girl who smokes 18

see hens with chicks 5
Meaning: loss and damage

pullet see with chicks 5
Translation of the dream: loss and grief

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Interpretation: sense of responsibility

palm if a girl 28
Sense of the dream: It will soon married

catch a chicken 26
What does it mean: losses

buy eggs 2
Meaning of the dream: dangerous attachment

taming fleas 60
Description: treachery

gathering of boys 88
Interpretation of the dream: trust purchased

boy drowned 58
Translation: concerns

incite boys 57
Dream description: Good news

chicken wings 87
Meaning: cheerfulness

an egg alabaster 32
Translation of the dream: intolerance towards youth

push swing 28
Interpretation: jealousy justified

teach fleas 60
Sense of the dream: betrayal of love

Arrival boys 12
What does it mean: happy surprise

roast chickens 27
Meaning of the dream: obstacles in projects

woodcock 73
Description: moral conquests

woodcock in flight 39
Interpretation of the dream: moral conquests

wounded woodcock 42
Translation: mental laziness

dead woodcock 70
Dream description: unscrupulousness

woodcock hatching 38
Meaning: notoriety and prestige

woodcock cooked 31
Translation of the dream: jealousies and intrigues

woodcock in the nest 6
Interpretation: ties secrets

woodcock in the cage 13
Sense of the dream: pulses to curb

plucking the woodcock 60
What does it mean: lack of reflection

kill the woodcock 38
Meaning of the dream: compromises dangerous

sell the woodcock 82
Description: emotional disturbances

buy the woodcock 75
Interpretation of the dream: torments and doubts

boiled chicken 25
Translation: clear mind