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Chew rocks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chew rocks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to chew 16
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

chew bitter 4
Description: concerns

rocks 54
Interpretation of the dream: careful with money

remove rocks 84
Translation: health recovery

chewing bad 60
Dream description: do not forget an offense received

waves on the rocks 58
Meaning: success in business

chewing poison 25
Translation of the dream: you will have a big disappointment

gnaw bones 46
Interpretation: certain ruin

collect rock 38
Sense of the dream: Understanding affective

amassing stones 70
What does it mean: actions turbulent

hurling stones 40
Meaning of the dream: economic benefits

hurl stones 28
Description: sudden adversity

chop stones 19
Interpretation of the dream: new knowledge

throwing stones 52
Translation: illusions and extravagances

Stake stones 18
Dream description: fantasy lit

grasp stones 50
Meaning: Understanding affective

dig the rock 33
Translation of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

oyster on the rock 3
Interpretation: jealousy and threads

come down from a rock 29
Sense of the dream: Company uncertain

ice boulders 75
What does it mean: important protection

chewing gum 81
Meaning of the dream: good business

climb the cliffs 81
Description: success in your business

granite rock 81
Interpretation of the dream: to overcome grievances

jackhammer 8
Translation: changes in family

count stones 80
Dream description: business combination

rock landed 9
Meaning: financial loss

amount of stones 26
Translation of the dream: way hard

rock climbers 35
Interpretation: testimonies of affection

pile of stones 54
Sense of the dream: difficulty somebody else s fault

bring stones 2
What does it mean: greatness

see stones 77
Meaning of the dream: disease, anguish

sparkling stones 25
Description: commitments and travel

precious stone 58
Interpretation of the dream: concern for a family

small stones 5
Translation: something bothering you and you would like to fix

lose stones 7
Dream description: misfortune

pierce a rock 2
Meaning: inner rebellion

climb up a rock 31
Translation of the dream: wishes that come true

rock in the sea 34
Interpretation: inner satisfaction

bumping into a rock 82
Sense of the dream: difficult days

split the rock 8
What does it mean: aridity sentimental

download stones 80
Meaning of the dream: aid from relatives

throw stones 42
Description: you strike an opponent violently

stumbling stones 56
Interpretation of the dream: Next satisfaction

jewelry stones 24
Translation: you'll get the right satisfaction

climb on a rock 16
Dream description: careful with money

fall from a rock 43
Meaning: loss of a friend

rock above the water 75
Translation of the dream: Councils concerned

build on a rock 17
Interpretation: vivid imagination

buy gemstones 11
Sense of the dream: gain in trades

receive gems gift 37
What does it mean: unhappiness

approach 4
Meaning of the dream: secret fears

approach the window 34
Description: little annoyances

approach the sidewalk 39
Interpretation of the dream: good profits

approach by boat 17
Translation: scarce possibilities

approach with the machine 7
Dream description: unnecessary waiting