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Chew rocks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chew rocks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to chew 16

chew bitter 4
Description: concerns

rocks 54
Interpretation of the dream: careful with money

waves on the rocks 58
Translation: success in business

remove rocks 84
Dream description: health recovery

cupboard with crockery 20
Meaning: illusions and disillusions

climb on a rock 16
Translation of the dream: careful with money

chewing gum 81
Interpretation: good business

cover crock 12
Sense of the dream: mixed feelings

Rocky Mountain 18
What does it mean: need protection affective

rock the boat 52
Meaning of the dream: luck changing

oyster on the rock 3
Description: jealousy and threads

Rock Thrush 25
Interpretation of the dream: donation by a woman

rocking armchair 67
Translation: overcome difficulties

chewing poison 25
Dream description: you will have a big disappointment

chewing bad 60
Meaning: do not forget an offense received

stick grappling hook in the rock 66
Translation of the dream: deserved awards

rocket 25
Interpretation: betrayal of collaborators

light a rocket 8
Sense of the dream: discouragement and impressionability

see rocket up 59
What does it mean: challenging decision

bright rocket 7
Meaning of the dream: travel plans

rocket motor 61
Description: restlessness and agitation

projectile rocket 11
Interpretation of the dream: illusion of love

rock landed 9
Translation: financial loss

rock 1
Dream description: Fortunately passing

dig the rock 33
Meaning: inner dissatisfaction

split the rock 8
Translation of the dream: aridity sentimental

build on a rock 17
Interpretation: vivid imagination

climb up a rock 31
Sense of the dream: wishes that come true

down from a rock 29
What does it mean: Company uncertain

fall from a rock 43
Meaning of the dream: loss of a friend

rock climbers 35
Description: testimonies of affection

noise of crockery 48
Interpretation of the dream: happy moments

collect rock 38
Translation: Understanding affective

bumping into a rock 82
Dream description: difficult days

see a rock 44
Meaning: distortion of the truth

rock in the sea 34
Translation of the dream: inner satisfaction

rock above the water 75
Interpretation: Councils concerned

rocking chair 51
Sense of the dream: peaceful relations

shoot rockets 38
What does it mean: Limited activity

break crockery 14
Meaning of the dream: unexpected novelty

kitchen crockery 29
Description: prosperity and health

frock of Capuchin friar 54
Interpretation of the dream: need advice

pierce a rock 2
Translation: inner rebellion

crockery 38
Dream description: bullshitting with modest people procure dislikes

rocky peak 76
Meaning: trip to return