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Chestnuts and fish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream chestnuts and fish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

chestnuts 28
Meaning of the dream: luck and win in each case

boil chestnuts 40
Description: wise reflections

shell chestnuts 27
Interpretation of the dream: good health

boiled chestnuts 78
Translation: coherence in

peel chestnuts 16
Dream description: events pleased

drying chestnuts 62
Meaning: bad speculations

chestnuts burned 43
Translation of the dream: program changes

crumple chestnuts 38
Interpretation: happy future

roasted chestnuts 31
Sense of the dream: satisfactions and gains

fresh chestnuts 61
What does it mean: exceptional news

gather chestnuts 69
Meaning of the dream: activities lucky

buy chestnuts 6
Description: unnecessary waiting

sell chestnuts 39
Interpretation of the dream: readiness to act

eat chestnuts 60
Translation: economic benefits

to roast the chestnuts 60
Dream description: revenge satisfied

bag of chestnuts 60
Meaning: good business

string of chestnuts 62
Translation of the dream: lengthy negotiations

green chestnuts 8
Interpretation: concerns work

spearing fish 19
Sense of the dream: strong will

basket with chestnuts 66
What does it mean: scruples exaggerated

pan for chestnuts 48
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

smoked chestnuts 35
Description: quarrels

breed fish 17
Interpretation of the dream: death of a woman giving birth or bad

glazed chestnuts 2
Translation: your fortune depends on what occult

born fish 39
Dream description: rain

dried chestnuts 75
Meaning: resistance to work

handful of chestnuts 89
Translation of the dream: interesting discoveries

fish in the jar 65
Interpretation: physical imbalance

fish with lamp 8
Sense of the dream: threat of breakage

Exposure Between chestnuts 84
What does it mean: good news will make you serene

have fish 89
Meaning of the dream: expensive pleasures

fish trap 34
Description: You have regrets of the past

Lucerne fish 23
Interpretation of the dream: you will have disagreements

weigh fish 66
Translation: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

crumple fish 17
Dream description: hopes dashed

importing fish 77
Meaning: organizational skills

fish breeding 33
Translation of the dream: strong impressionability

36 - Smorfia classic: chestnuts 36

fish in the lake 77
Sense of the dream: uncontrolled shots

fish in the sea 13
What does it mean: appointments to return

network with fish 17
Meaning of the dream: game of love

stream with fish 15
Description: abundance of goods

fishing boat with fish 40
Interpretation of the dream: Speculation guessed

aquarium with fish 59
Translation: limited capacity for action

fish with the net 17
Dream description: misjudgments

carp (fish) 3
Meaning: pour in better soon

bait (fish) 7
Translation of the dream: abundance

pond with live fish 55
Interpretation: good friendships

see the birth of fish 38
Sense of the dream: joy health

aquarium with tropical fish 74
What does it mean: disappointment

dead fish in their element 5
Meaning of the dream: hopes dashed

merchant fish 34
Description: gain in business

fish hatchery 48
Interpretation of the dream: sudden fortune