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Cherries plums figs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cherries plums figs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cherries 79
Meaning of the dream: honesty and sincerity

plums 16
Description: try your luck in a place undue

cherries on the tree 80
Interpretation of the dream: hard times

eating cherries 70
Translation: good health

offer cherries 46
Dream description: encouraging results

sell cherries 38
Meaning: indecision and insecurity

buy cherries 74
Translation of the dream: exuberance and vitality

pick cherries 3
Interpretation: sadness and boredom

stealing cherries 14
Sense of the dream: mishaps and troubles in the family

red plums 78
What does it mean: exchange of gifts

yellow plums 13
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated claims

unripe plums 9
Description: projects of union

ripe plums 11
Interpretation of the dream: happy successful business

fresh plums 36
Translation: solid friendships

candied plums 9
Dream description: thwarted love

pick plums 17
Meaning: great event

eating plums 46
Translation of the dream: Suffering for jealousy

buy plums 18
Interpretation: curiosity satisfied

give plums 54
Sense of the dream: peace in the family

basket with plums 76
What does it mean: longing secret

cherries' jam 78
Meaning of the dream: new guidelines

handful of cherries 20
Description: cunning and cruelty of an acquaintance

Cherries and basket 10
Interpretation of the dream: business trip

candy cherries 32
Translation: return of a loved one

figs 4
Dream description: joy and affection

green figs 49
Meaning: situation that will clarify

ripe figs 17
Translation of the dream: new job opportunity

figs blacks 12
Interpretation: commitments embarrassing

dried figs 90
Sense of the dream: disappointing experience

pluck figs 29
What does it mean: small bumps passengers

eating figs 5
Meaning of the dream: dangerous head shots

drying figs 72
Description: love of money

eat many figs 4
Interpretation of the dream: great joys

gather figs 15
Translation: misfortune

barrel of figs 27
Dream description: morbid imagination

basket with figs 34
Meaning: dangerous illusions

black figs 90
Translation of the dream: Accept envy

figs receive as a gift 63
Interpretation: happiness in love

plum tree 8
Sense of the dream: visits like

kite plummets 80
What does it mean: talk of slanderers

plumb line 6
Meaning of the dream: financial constraints

plume 10
Description: large vanity

bring the plume 30
Interpretation of the dream: large vanity

smoke plume 90
Translation: excessive lavishness

plumage 62
Dream description: threatening illness or loss of property

see the plum 39
Meaning: do the unnecessary expenses

eat the plum 11
Translation of the dream: your desire to have you at any cost to suffer big disappointments

apprentice plumber 64
Interpretation: despotic personality

plump become 56
Sense of the dream: Advances in career