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Check bus schedule. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream check bus schedule. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

schedule 28
Meaning of the dream: Need to adapt

schedule an appointment 16
Description: suitable for greater consistency

consult the schedule 88
Interpretation of the dream: impulsivity unusual

work schedule 18
Translation: important meetings

Office schedule 20
Dream description: novelty from a letter

a check 19
Meaning: family quarrels

bus 27
Translation of the dream: temporary setback in achieving your personal goals

get on the bus 51
Interpretation: hopes for their children

down by a bus 84
Sense of the dream: lies devious and harmful

enclose a check 30
What does it mean: small gain

receive a check 7
Meaning of the dream: useless generous act

send a check 13
Description: health recovered

cash a check 31
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties

bad check 65
Translation: actions unbecoming

blank check 9
Dream description: considerable losses

check to see the day 45
Meaning: new hope

check a budget 18
Translation of the dream: interesting offer

check work 49
Interpretation: financial aid

check engine 6
Sense of the dream: plans for the future

check deposition 76
What does it mean: confusion and nervousness

check a document 10
Meaning of the dream: confidences to avoid

check damage 27
Description: ideas to be clarified immediately

check a car 20
Interpretation of the dream: gain and security

check blade 37
Translation: You have acted badly and did not get anything

shot by check 77
Dream description: satisfaction

They protest by check 17
Meaning: quiet and business

Check news 89
Translation of the dream: bitterness and disappointment

check ancestral 37
Interpretation: reckless actions

check bank 57
Sense of the dream: providential aid

postal check 56
What does it mean: incomes

check protested 41
Meaning of the dream: important protections

subscribe to the bus 7
Description: deal concluded

crowded bus 4
Interpretation of the dream: meetings annoying

empty bus 31
Translation: Councils concerned

bus driver 31
Dream description: ailments momentary

bus stop 70
Meaning: successfully delayed

trolley bus 58
Translation of the dream: little trip

bus (coach) 66
Interpretation: happy travels

Open bus 27
Sense of the dream: deep emotion

see a open bus 49
What does it mean: new events

get off the open bus 65
Meaning of the dream: necessary compromise

bus that invests 26
Description: plenty of money

bus crashes 48
Interpretation of the dream: penis secret

bus delays 12
Translation: energy and vitality

bus strike 52
Dream description: abundance and richness

bus travelers 69
Meaning: new cycle of life

bus full 85
Translation of the dream: good health

rim bus 27
Interpretation: trading relations

wait at a bus stop 24
Sense of the dream: inability to fight