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Cheater playing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cheater playing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cheater playing 60
Meaning of the dream: you do not trust your friends

be a cheater 62
Description: disappointments

seer cheater 88
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected expenses

cheater leaking 55
Translation: honesty for you a very important value

cheater card 4

cheater wounded 59

repentant cheater 52

cheater beaten 31

cheater discovered 72

cheater killed 44

meet the game a cheater 65
Meaning of the dream: easy wealth

playing harp 9
Description: lasting happiness

child playing 6
Interpretation of the dream: consolation from children

sharpshooter playing 11
Translation: letters from afar

child playing with you 80
Dream description: you have not forgotten the naivete

playing cards 71
Meaning: trouble and contrasts

playing the guitar 58
Translation of the dream: inconstancy and lightness

blind playing 17
Interpretation: new relationships

playing the bass 42
Sense of the dream: considered judgments

dolphin playing 37
What does it mean: whims passengers

playing with dogs 48
Meaning of the dream: greed

playing dominoes 17
Description: next fight

playing dead 56
Interpretation of the dream: dark period

playing with the dog 89
Translation: Good news

Playing golf 53
Dream description: letter good

playing a lute 3
Meaning: good marriage

playing music 22
Translation of the dream: exciting relationship

playing in an orchestra 63
Interpretation: peaceful solutions

playing castanets 53
Sense of the dream: joy in the family for good news

girl playing 15
What does it mean: illusory achievements

boys playing 21
Meaning of the dream: positive affective balance

playing a part 80
Description: resourcefulness

playing with fire 67
Interpretation of the dream: desire for independence

monkey playing 35
Translation: negotiating favorable

schoolchildren playing 70
Dream description: inconsistency in work

playing the piano 53
Meaning: talk to women

playing the cello 35
Translation of the dream: possibility to exploit

playing drum 64
Interpretation: restlessness and nervousness

playing time 38
Sense of the dream: energy recovery

playing the trumpet 66
What does it mean: treachery

drunk playing 31
Meaning of the dream: wounded pride

man playing 8
Description: shady business

violinist playing 29
Interpretation of the dream: states of tension

playing or see cello 7
Translation: concord and understanding between husband and wife

Abbot playing 21

animal playing 26

playing bridge 3

playing goose 4

playing with a pledge 69

playing underwater 67

hunchback playing 52

start playing 43

monaco playing 8

orchestra playing 33

organ playing it 86

playing basketball 54

playing volleyball 33

priests playing 13

playing rope 3

woman playing 16

mandolin playing 38

feel playing harp 75
Description: false illusions

trump playing cards 19
Interpretation of the dream: friendly meetings

hear playing contrabass 28
Translation: steadfastness of purpose

hear harpsichord playing 34
Dream description: trip worthwhile

see playing or sleeping cats 5
Meaning: poor performance of something

hear a piano playing 51
Translation of the dream: New business

hear a flute playing 84
Interpretation: optimism and serenity

playing poker with friends 42
Sense of the dream: danger of hostilities

playing a piano or a harpsichord 1
What does it mean: dispute, disagreement between relatives or friends

feel playing the trumpet 55
Meaning of the dream: good prospects

feel playing the waltz 11
Description: changing character

hear playing violin 4
Interpretation of the dream: vitality

playing oboe (musical instrument) 66
Translation: you meet the person you will be very useful in your career

playing saxophone or hear (music) 77
Dream description: intimate joy

antique dealer who cheats 55
Meaning: speculations wrong economic

cheating knowing 62
Translation of the dream: disillusion

charlatan who cheats 49
Interpretation: betrayal by a friend

denounce a cheat 44
Sense of the dream: confusion in the work