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Change postal bonds. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream change postal bonds. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

change a profession 40
Meaning of the dream: desires absurd and unworkable

change the venue 17
Description: next trip

sign bonds 53
Interpretation of the dream: false friends surround you

change something 7
Translation: something in your life does not go as you would like

change the dress 61
Dream description: culmination of dreams

to change 49
Meaning: prosperous business

change direction 81
Translation of the dream: gain that fades

change under her 26
Interpretation: happiness in family

change the decor 4
Sense of the dream: regrets of the past

change home 10
What does it mean: reconciliation family

change currency 21
Meaning of the dream: novelty surprising

change their minds 8
Description: ephemeral success

change order 77
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friendships

change country 27
Translation: unpleasant news

changing jobs 25
Dream description: momentary embarrassment

bellhop postal 4
Meaning: providential intervention

change for the worse 81
Translation of the dream: issues the consequences of a mistake

changing objects 16
Interpretation: deception in love

postal parcel 21
Sense of the dream: confidence poorly rewarded

changing money 73
What does it mean: instability in the work

postcard postal 6
Meaning of the dream: concerns to a friend

changing ideas 71
Description: actions measured

change address 19
Interpretation of the dream: attitudes to be corrected

change course 37
Translation: serene tranquility

alter the counter 42
Dream description: rebellion and misery

change town 74
Meaning: unpleasant news

change precept 81
Translation of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

parcel post 63
Interpretation: confidence poorly rewarded

change trains 69
Sense of the dream: achieving a goal

change residence 43
What does it mean: obstacles in career

alter with the brothers-in-law 36
Meaning of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

postal quake 4
Description: you ll have a lot of business

frank postcards 42
Interpretation of the dream: actions thin

postal check 56
Translation: incomes

Postal use 30
Dream description: ambition fulfilled

postal building 73
Meaning: News coming soon

changing table 20
Translation of the dream: pain and disappointments

changing coat 78
Interpretation: ill health

changing trade 48
Sense of the dream: disturbing events

change habits 80
What does it mean: imminent danger

change shop 35
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen expenses

change shoes 26
Description: need for decision

change for the better 60
Interpretation of the dream: optimism

change underwear 80
Translation: loss of a loved one

Postal delivery boy 50
Dream description: deception by a woman

see things change into thorns 1
Meaning: great torment

post cards 16
Translation of the dream: small problems to solve

change office 31
Interpretation: nice job and profitable

stick postage stamps 24
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

post office 25
What does it mean: Unusual proposals

Postal order 69
Meaning of the dream: useful information

letter with postage stamps 54
Description: family disputes

Postal militia 8
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles in work

changing condition 8
Translation: gain that fades

changing neighborhood 65
Dream description: lightness and recklessness in business