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Change dirty water. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream change dirty water. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Dirty water 90
Meaning of the dream: good news

change under her 26
Description: happiness in family

change the venue 17
Interpretation of the dream: next trip

abhor the water 64
Translation: passing suffering

change something 7
Dream description: something in your life does not go as you would like

bring water 41
Meaning: deceits

Dump water 81
Translation of the dream: experience of suffering

to change 49
Interpretation: prosperous business

change their minds 8
Sense of the dream: ephemeral success

change for the worse 81
What does it mean: issues the consequences of a mistake

boil water 7
Meaning of the dream: harmony with the environment

change a profession 40
Description: desires absurd and unworkable

draw water 6
Interpretation of the dream: a nice novelty


carry water 38
Translation: bold initiatives

overflow water 38
Dream description: lose good opportunities

poisonous water 60
Meaning: mortification unjust

water bill 44
Translation of the dream: concerns

healing water 34
Interpretation: opposition will walk

conserves water 36
Sense of the dream: longing for love

roar of the water 66
What does it mean: to overcome prejudices

water spirits 80
Meaning of the dream: doubts and uncertainties

running water 13
Description: requited love

sterilized water 11
Interpretation of the dream: arrogance and conceit

pour water 51
Translation: sorrows

drink of water 26
Dream description: willpower

water seepage 38
Meaning: very intense working period

pullulation water 68
Translation of the dream: slander

change country 27
Interpretation: unpleasant news

carboy water 1
Sense of the dream: New Adventures

rumble water 2
What does it mean: unhappiness traveling

water 1
Meaning of the dream: desire to escape to discontent

fall into the water 46
Description: decision

change direction 81
Interpretation of the dream: gain that fades

transfer water 7
Translation: happy successful business

change home 10
Dream description: reconciliation family

water cave 14
Meaning: inner insecurity

change currency 21
Translation of the dream: novelty surprising

water vein 40
Interpretation: cost-effective solution

cascading water 37
Sense of the dream: distrust in the near

stream with clear water 2
What does it mean: good health

immerse yourself in the water 49
Meaning of the dream: instincts to curb

water spider 38
Description: critical moments

water white spirit 89
Interpretation of the dream: concerns falling

salt water 24
Translation: exceptional opportunity

sprinkle water 10
Dream description: high hopes

smelly water 90
Meaning: loss of rich relatives

polluted water 72
Translation of the dream: serenity

hot water 26
Interpretation: unjust slander

dripping water 28
Sense of the dream: bright ideas

ice water 44
What does it mean: discouragement

thermal water 35
Meaning of the dream: pleasant news

water intake 10
Description: flattery and promises

pour holy water 16
Interpretation of the dream: vain aspirations

clear water 53
Translation: misunderstandings at work

sulphurous water 45
Dream description: exhausting tasks to be performed

hourglass water 16
Meaning: advice to give

water meter 39
Translation of the dream: lively insight

plenty of water 49
Interpretation: good luck

filtered water 67
Sense of the dream: passing enthusiasm

water tank 45
What does it mean: protection possible