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Change clock black. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream change clock black. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to change 49
Meaning of the dream: prosperous business

Change 5
Description: Good business opportunities

change for the better 60
Interpretation of the dream: optimism

change course 37

change was 18

change under her 26

change the dress 61
Translation of the dream: culmination of dreams

consent to a change 57
Interpretation: victory over enemies

change town 74
Sense of the dream: unpleasant news

change shop 35
What does it mean: unforeseen expenses

change shoes 26
Meaning of the dream: need for decision

mood change 70
Description: sorry for gossip

change staff 53
Interpretation of the dream: Good news from far away

change habits 80
Translation: imminent danger

change trains 69
Dream description: achieving a goal

change currency 21
Meaning: novelty surprising

change direction 81
Translation of the dream: gain that fades

change objects 16
Interpretation: thwarted love

give the change 25
Sense of the dream: very confused ideas

change coins 81
What does it mean: mental reservations

change home 10
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation family

change country 27
Description: unpleasant news

change their minds 8
Interpretation of the dream: ephemeral success

change of ownership 14
Translation: recriminations later

change precept 81
Dream description: inner dissatisfaction

change a profession 40
Meaning: desires absurd and unworkable

change for the worse 81
Translation of the dream: issues the consequences of a mistake

personality change 90
Interpretation: deny your principles

change address 19
Sense of the dream: attitudes to be corrected

change residence 43
What does it mean: obstacles in career

change one's mind 24
Meaning of the dream: ephemeral success

change the venue 17
Description: next trip

change order 77
Interpretation of the dream: loss of friendships

change of character 50

change workshop 37

change shirt 23

change underwear 80

change thinking 65

change office 31

change of train 7

step change 57

speed change 85

change master 49

look for the clock 24
Translation: honor the profession

clock 20
Dream description: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

clock that goes on 60
Meaning: feelings thwarted

see things change into thorns 1
Translation of the dream: great torment

change phone number 43

adjusting a clock 88
Sense of the dream: maturation of ideas

hang a clock 27
What does it mean: Dangerous Liaisons

clock tick 84
Meaning of the dream: sad disappointments

cap clock 60
Description: pain vanished

bell clock 41
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with relatives

your alarm clock 72
Translation: unexpected encounters

clock case 48
Dream description: quick decision-making

clock key 48
Meaning: unfounded suspicions

umbilical clock 18
Translation of the dream: new experiences

forget about the clock 46
Interpretation: indolence and selfishness

clock hands 7
Sense of the dream: great concern

antique clock 55
What does it mean: need for economies

table clock 88
Meaning of the dream: nice outing

station clock 17
Description: appreciations hasty

grandfather clock 7
Interpretation of the dream: collisions with older people

clock sewn 50
Translation: actions contrasted

Clock chimes 34
Dream description: fanciful imagination

electric clock 29
Meaning: positive thoughts

clock with date 49
Translation of the dream: pessimism and mistrust

stopped clock 2
Interpretation: business stagnation

miss the clock 80
Sense of the dream: temptations to overcome

find the clock 74
What does it mean: settlement of a deal

consult the clock 86
Meaning of the dream: awakening of curiosity

pendulum clock 36
Description: common sense and reasonableness

clock face 12
Interpretation of the dream: new pleasures

adjust the clock 51
Translation: desire for stability

lose the clock 67
Dream description: new ideas to sift

clock sound 87
Meaning: waste of energy

clock balls 7
Translation of the dream: great concern