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Center construction. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream center construction. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

center 20
Meaning of the dream: great satisfaction

center of gravity 62
Description: conquest difficult

center forward 80
Interpretation of the dream: burdensome problems

medical center 31
Translation: chatter

take center in a rifle shot 16
Dream description: you have found the right way to your accommodation

construction 21
Meaning: desires that are disproportionate and that will not be realized

construction site 22
Translation of the dream: projects that fade

house under construction 13
Interpretation: hopes that come true

iron construction 11
Sense of the dream: love of money

wall under construction 28
What does it mean: significant improvement in business

building under construction 34
Meaning of the dream: change of program

bridge under construction 18
Description: fertile imagination

rational construction 6
Interpretation of the dream: ups and downs

Construction cranes 44
Translation: You receive help from someone who will improve your position

construction company 44
Dream description: all your relatives will bring good and will purchase new wealth

Construction waste transport 81
Meaning: support to be given to an elderly

Construction waste in bags 34
Translation of the dream: ill health

busy construction site 55
Interpretation: intense activity

construction site with workers 77
Sense of the dream: successfully delayed

construction of reinforced concrete 82
What does it mean: that appearances are deceiving

construction workers on the bridge 75
Meaning of the dream: ups and downs

worker in construction site 86
Description: zeal and patience

visit a construction site 38
Interpretation of the dream: momentary setbacks

scented linen 62
Translation: regrets unnecessary

powder scented 36
Dream description: passing infatuation

Centenary person very advanced in years 16
Meaning: useful meetings

scented water 70
Translation of the dream: find difficulties to organize your schedule

target centered 89
Interpretation: limited benefits

centenary 47
Sense of the dream: find difficulties to organize your schedule

construct a building 6
What does it mean: unpleasant news

epicenter 81
Meaning of the dream: peace in the family

Constructive 26
Description: desires that are disproportionate and that will not be realized

Constructive Relationship 8
Interpretation of the dream: anger, wrath

Constructive social 27
Translation: certain damage

centerpiece 63
Dream description: frustration for something wrong