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Celebrity television. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream celebrity television. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

repair television 53
Meaning of the dream: sure guidelines

Television TV 32
Description: careful not to be enchanted by false promises

buy television 2
Interpretation of the dream: Earnings unstable

television antenna 84
Translation: critical production

turn off the television 45
Dream description: compromising relationship

debut on television 6
Meaning: watched by many people who are close

quiz on television 14
Translation of the dream: look for more rest

television news 67
Interpretation: incoming letter

watching television 27
Sense of the dream: fantastic dreams

celebrity movie 10
What does it mean: treason in love

television station 23
Meaning of the dream: factious thoughts

talk to a celebrity 8
Description: end of love

TV show 15
Interpretation of the dream: revenge on those who want to harm

TV director 69
Translation: activity and energy

give a television 81
Dream description: melancholy and distrust

presenter on TV 79
Meaning: painful loss

singing on TV 42
Translation of the dream: joy and satisfaction

TV device 3
Interpretation: unstable equilibrium

celebrity politics 66
Sense of the dream: convincing words

celebrities 24
What does it mean: treason in love

great people (VIPs or famous) 4
Meaning of the dream: honor, dignity

carousel tv 34
Description: lively intelligence

celebrities in music 2
Interpretation of the dream: treason in love

celebrities sculpture 3
Translation: character punctilious

famous 9
Dream description: you so stubbornly

fame 90
Meaning: realizations unrealized aspirations

personality hook 5
Translation of the dream: deception hidden

personality change 90
Interpretation: deny your principles

applaud a personality 39
Sense of the dream: sudden wealth

personality with networks 76
What does it mean: someone with you will fall into a trap

theatrical celebrities 45
Meaning of the dream: illusions of love

celebrities in the dance 88
Description: introspection

have weak personalities 17
Interpretation of the dream: lack of authority

personality small fry 73
Translation: innocent amorous threads

personality big fish 33
Dream description: You do a very important conquest

celebrities in acting 7
Meaning: originality and impatience

have strong personalities 78
Translation of the dream: so you want to be

celebrities in painting 21
Interpretation: unwise decision

celebrities in singing 40
Sense of the dream: you are an ambitious person

celebrities in science 6
What does it mean: small disagreements

celebrities in sports 82
Meaning of the dream: Excellent reports

character in film 44
Description: lack of generosity

interpret character 7
Interpretation of the dream: inability to express their feelings

character Theater 29
Translation: surprises from work

deserved fame 44
Dream description: personal achievements

stab a person known 84
Meaning: temporary irritation

panjandrum 44
Translation of the dream: changing situation

protect a known person 35
Interpretation: momentary discomfort

stabbed by known person 12
Sense of the dream: damage and losses

flatter a personality 32
What does it mean: false confidence

a dog barking unknown 70
Meaning of the dream: threat of danger