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Cave shrine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cave shrine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see a shrine 7
Meaning of the dream: pleasant novelty

pilgrimage to a shrine 64
Description: positive thoughts

visit a shrine 78
Interpretation of the dream: good wishes

go on a pilgrimage to the shrine 19
Translation: sentimental surprises

being in a cave 24
Dream description: dangerous quarrels with elderly

see someone in a cave 77
Meaning: desired freedom and tranquility

cavern or cave 5
Translation of the dream: disappointment for treason

cave in the mountains 29
Interpretation: attractive new commitments

Humid Cave 27
Sense of the dream: concerns for a child

cave with beasts 18
What does it mean: insecurity

enter the cave 15
Meaning of the dream: fake friends

live in a cave 40
Description: changes in circumstances

natural cave 25
Interpretation of the dream: change of position

artificial cave 28
Translation: rivalry in love

water cave 14
Dream description: inner insecurity

entering a cave 68
Meaning: useful and necessary clarifications

exit the cave 45
Translation of the dream: Overcoming penis

see an animal in the cave 44
Interpretation: everything will be for the better

cave with hermit 24

cave pantry 58


interned in cave 7

74 - Smorfia classic: cave 74

cavern of the Sibyl 33
Interpretation of the dream: requited love

underground cavern 49
Translation: Fortunately variable

shrink 1
Dream description: enterprises difficult to fulfill

shrink dying 5
Meaning: good health

concave 29

scavenger 12
Interpretation: You will free itself of something

caveman 17
Sense of the dream: new knowledge