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Cats brown caress. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cats brown caress. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slaughtered cats 88
Meaning of the dream: Fall of opposition

neutering cats 35
Description: difficult relationships

flayed cats 83
Interpretation of the dream: desire for love

hunting cats 3
Translation: haughtiness

eating cats 24
Dream description: divorce

pair cats 5
Meaning: a villain will be taken and executed

caress brother 60
Translation of the dream: postponement of projects

feeding cats 17
Interpretation: disappointments secret

ensnare cats 9
Sense of the dream: satisfactions

domesticate cats 14
What does it mean: infirmity

see cats on the roof 1
Meaning of the dream: unfavorable successful your business

fray cats 88
Description: prejudices to avoid

caress 61
Interpretation of the dream: negative feelings

caress of beasts 27
Translation: change of program

barn with cats 51
Dream description: encouragement flattering

more cats meow 55
Meaning: someone is taking an interest in you

caress of friends 36
Translation of the dream: ideas to be implemented

Brown color 71
Interpretation: sentimentalism

hat brown 6
Sense of the dream: projects to be pursued

caress parents 43
What does it mean: great fortune

caress of enemies 41
Meaning of the dream: intellectual interests

see playing or sleeping cats 5
Description: poor performance of something

cats and dogs 65
Interpretation of the dream: dispute, contradiction

adolescent brown 53
Translation: next love

caress relatives 38
Dream description: unscrupulous attitudes

braid brown 19
Meaning: rivalry secret

brown fur 32
Translation of the dream: conflict disadvantageous

being bitten or scratched by cats 25
Interpretation: you will fall into the wrong hands

bitch brown 23
Sense of the dream: contrasting situation

brown horse 21
What does it mean: happy inspiration

chromatin brown 75
Meaning of the dream: dispersion of forces

defend themselves from the claws of cats 20
Description: attacks by thieves

brown gecko 87
Interpretation of the dream: solution to various problems

brown eyebrows 15
Translation: fortune

brown cheek 65
Dream description: obstacles to overcome

hair brown 73
Meaning: reasons of pride

jam brown 53
Translation of the dream: possibility of recovery

brown bread 3
Interpretation: supports friendly

Brown bear 67
Sense of the dream: much work and little gain

mercy caressing 1
What does it mean: exaggerated enthusiasm

bloodhound caressing 6
Meaning of the dream: new commitments to be

caress the child 35
Description: Useful experiences

caress a man 28
Interpretation of the dream: aid

caress the cheek 65
Translation: obstinacy harmful

caress her sister 4
Dream description: impatience environment

caress her lover 16
Meaning: threats from enemies

caress his father 24
Translation of the dream: new energy

caress his wife 32
Interpretation: confusing situation

caress the mother 12
Sense of the dream: gains with work

breed of cat 54
What does it mean: windfall

Brown eyes 78
Meaning of the dream: Be more realistic in life

injured feline 46
Description: repressed feelings

wonderful feline 90
Interpretation of the dream: state of evolution

dead feline 32
Translation: need to overcome a problem

save a feline 75
Dream description: you feel inadequate in some situation