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Cats and hell. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cats and hell. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

slaughtered cats 88
Meaning of the dream: Fall of opposition

neutering cats 35
Description: difficult relationships

flayed cats 83
Interpretation of the dream: desire for love

hunting cats 3
Translation: haughtiness

eating cats 24
Dream description: divorce

pair cats 5
Meaning: a villain will be taken and executed

feeding cats 17
Translation of the dream: disappointments secret

ensnare cats 9
Interpretation: satisfactions

domesticate cats 14
Sense of the dream: infirmity

see cats on the roof 1
What does it mean: unfavorable successful your business

fray cats 88
Meaning of the dream: prejudices to avoid

barn with cats 51
Description: encouragement flattering

more cats meow 55
Interpretation of the dream: someone is taking an interest in you

cats and dogs 65
Translation: dispute, contradiction

see playing or sleeping cats 5
Dream description: poor performance of something

hell 44
Meaning: joyfulness

hell bound 2
Translation of the dream: need to feel protected

see hell 51
Interpretation: bad omens

being bitten or scratched by cats 25
Sense of the dream: you will fall into the wrong hands

escape from hell 36
What does it mean: good luck

hear the groans and see hell 46
Meaning of the dream: a heavenly view in order to prepare for death

devil in hell 8
Description: New appointments

flame hell 13
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

defend themselves from the claws of cats 20
Translation: attacks by thieves

mouth of hell 16
Dream description: benevolence of young people

hell with spread wings 12
Meaning: despair

stone hell 31
Translation of the dream: good omen

Hell with beasts 39
Interpretation: excessive voltage

hell with devils 50
Sense of the dream: uncertainty and disappointment

abyss of hell 69
What does it mean: women gossip

that scares the hell 82
Meaning of the dream: sadness and melancholy

bloody hell 58
Description: romance excessive

Hell with the damned 2
Interpretation of the dream: You are experiencing an important period of your life

go to hell 5
Translation: big losses

breed of cat 54
Dream description: windfall

cat and mouse 35
Meaning: friendship misplaced

injured feline 46
Translation of the dream: repressed feelings

wonderful feline 90
Interpretation: state of evolution

dead feline 32
Sense of the dream: need to overcome a problem

save a feline 75
What does it mean: you feel inadequate in some situation

tooth cat 31
Meaning of the dream: increasing vitality

bite cat 80
Description: sad separation

meow of a cat 65
Interpretation of the dream: not to listen to the advice

brush 6
Translation: desire to drive out the problems

cat toying with them 5
Dream description: you will be attacked by thieves

scratches made by a cat 24
Meaning: disease and affliction for what receives

paw dog or cat 9
Translation of the dream: thoughts to our friends

coming and going 86
Interpretation: intentions ambiguous

and it is not 8
Sense of the dream: Luckily the game

comb and trim 20
What does it mean: excessive confidentiality

go and steal 59
Meaning of the dream: loss process

thunder and lightning 54
Description: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

ropes and cords 20
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassments and effort

smoke and mirrors 47
Translation: defeats and disappointments