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Caterpillars green salad. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream caterpillars green salad. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

caterpillars (insects) 14
Meaning of the dream: dangers and accidents provoked by secret enemies

salad 15
Description: sick passenger

seize salad 66
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

salad dressed 90
Translation: hoping in vain for some help

salad white 72
Dream description: business difficult to solve

wash salad 17
Meaning: dangerous distraction

sow salad 18
Translation of the dream: commitments to maintain

buy salad 90
Interpretation: excessive impetuosity

stir the salad 80
Sense of the dream: health recovery

salad with carrots 8
What does it mean: disturbing thoughts

salad with lemon 55
Meaning of the dream: vain aspirations

salad with onions 73
Description: measures to be taken

forkful of salad 15
Interpretation of the dream: fears and pains

sweeten salad 88
Translation: insincere friends

salad with vinegar 34
Dream description: timidity and indecision

planting salad 89
Meaning: physical discomfort

green wood 49
Translation of the dream: premature decision

salad on the table 68
Interpretation: misunderstandings and misconceptions

eat salad 39
Sense of the dream: from health check

salad garnish 42
What does it mean: sick passenger

green leaf 67
Meaning of the dream: joys family

green skirt 67
Description: invitation welcome

Cauliflower salad 17
Interpretation of the dream: eventful period

Potato Salad 34
Translation: positive meetings

tomato salad 65
Dream description: stress at work

green curtain 57
Meaning: secret project

broccoli salad 83
Translation of the dream: Fear stops you

wax green 76
Interpretation: prodigality eccentric

green light 23
Sense of the dream: success

prairie Green 49
What does it mean: profitable activity

green sauce 22
Meaning of the dream: fluke

chicory salad 80
Description: imposture

green hat 9
Interpretation of the dream: money

green campaign 80
Translation: clear thoughts

green carpet 66
Dream description: romantic relationships serene

green parrot 75
Meaning: artificial attitudes

green radish 8
Translation of the dream: new hope

green flag 17
Interpretation: Chaste and severe life

green color 33
Sense of the dream: hopes attractive

green ink 80
What does it mean: trust betrayed by a friend

oleander green 49
Meaning of the dream: enthusiasm of long duration

gallon green 5
Description: save for your old days

a green lawn 76
Interpretation of the dream: invitation welcome

herbal raw as a salad, sorrel 27
Translation: discreet omen

green elm 49
Dream description: enthusiasms durable

green 8
Meaning: vitality

green tree 49
Translation of the dream: enthusiasms durable

green cane 7
Interpretation: cost-effective solution

plateau green 40
Sense of the dream: positive experiences

green lemon 12
What does it mean: fear and jealousy

green hedge 60
Meaning of the dream: Meeting pleasant

very green grass 4
Description: will soon be happy news

green muslin 6
Interpretation of the dream: marriage, inheritance, birth of a child

green wheat 64
Translation: remarkable progress

green pasture 81
Dream description: safe returns