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Catch a mouse with grandmother. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream catch a mouse with grandmother. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

catch a mouse 70
Meaning of the dream: skills in business

mouse 11
Description: the money you have paid will not be returned

mouse in the house 88
Interpretation of the dream: your fortune threatened

take a mouse 60
Translation: clarify misunderstandings

dead grandmother 33
Dream description: good omens

live mouse 23
Meaning: your spouse you faithful

mouse under the bed 68
Translation of the dream: seemingly endless hassles

kill a mouse 34
Interpretation: You have eliminated an opponent

dead mouse 51
Sense of the dream: family disgrace

look like the grandmother 82
What does it mean: carried providential

mouse in the pantry 37
Meaning of the dream: Negotiations disappointing

mouse in the bed 5
Description: health hazard

paternal grandmother 18
Interpretation of the dream: problems at work

cat and mouse 35
Translation: friendship misplaced

muzzle mouse 16
Dream description: feelings of resentment

mouse in the closet 55
Meaning: family responsibilities

maternal grandmother 6
Translation of the dream: Ensure that someone would want to cheat you

grandfather or grandmother 50
Interpretation: need sacraments

baby mouse 74
Sense of the dream: need for affection

mouse in trap 6
What does it mean: important news

catch a chicken 26
Meaning of the dream: losses

mouse tail 28
Description: triumph over enemies

catch a dragonfly 55
Interpretation of the dream: someone will hinder

catch a parrot 64
Translation: business not serious

catch a fly 50
Dream description: you will not suffer unjust accusations

catch a bird 33
Meaning: next trip

catch a fish 17
Translation of the dream: good health

catch a trout 46
Interpretation: luck with money

catch an insect 55
Sense of the dream: ambition

catch a cat 3
What does it mean: poverty

catch a squirrel 5
Meaning of the dream: good friendships

catch a crook 68
Description: gossip of neighbors

catch a gecko 84
Interpretation of the dream: small problems

catch a tuna 39
Translation: new emotional ties

catch a beaver 43
Dream description: contrasts in family

catch a heron 70
Meaning: being conquered

catch a mullet 9
Translation of the dream: profits and joys

catch a thief 49
Interpretation: craftiness

catch a giraffe 26
Sense of the dream: ideals are not always brought to conclusion

catch the butterfly 41
What does it mean: fickle affections

rat in a trap 78
Meaning of the dream: feel the weight of your responsibilities

catch big fish 33
Description: joy and profit

catch the reindeer 73
Interpretation of the dream: change of position

rat in the den 75
Translation: efforts to be made

see a rat in the field 2
Dream description: You will betray

catching flies 22
Meaning: conciliatory character

rat catching 62
Translation of the dream: wounded pride

see the white rat 47
Interpretation: ruin your enemy

catch 70
Sense of the dream: patience

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
What does it mean: Peace of mind

be afraid of the rat 56
Meaning of the dream: evidence of common sense

paretaio To catch birds 23
Description: land with nets to catch birds