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Cassette yellow apples. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cassette yellow apples. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cassette 30
Meaning of the dream: deserved awards

cassette burglarized 80
Description: donation and earnings

cassette tape or audio cassette 7
Interpretation of the dream: melancholic period

carrier cassette 58
Translation: goods won

yellow plums 13
Dream description: exaggerated claims

red apples 69
Meaning: interesting novelty

unripe apples 85
Translation of the dream: important trip

apples 2
Interpretation: hatred secret

baked apples 20
Sense of the dream: interview welcome

apples garnets 30
What does it mean: pains and restlessness

rotten apples 42
Meaning of the dream: danger

ripe apples 87
Description: tenacity in work

green apples 2
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity, happy omen

dried apples 14
Translation: poverty, death

eating apples 51
Dream description: need for a compromise

pick apples 36
Meaning: you will be disturbed by someone

tree apples 39
Translation of the dream: good news, contentment

apples and unripe green 80
Interpretation: dispute, seduction

Cut and peel apples 35
Sense of the dream: you will be haunted by a woman

yellow roses 39
What does it mean: secret relationship

giving apples to other 28
Meaning of the dream: great fortune

basket with apples 27
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

apples quinces 64
Interpretation of the dream: mourning

yellow tulips 73
Translation: fortune

apples of gold 88
Dream description: do not be dazzled by the splendor

apples from the tree stand out 41
Meaning: persecution

Yellow teeth 56
Translation of the dream: loss of relatives or friends

yellow chrysanthemums 33
Interpretation: hidden enemies

yellow jasmine 61
Sense of the dream: uncertain situation

drink the juice of apples 36
What does it mean: fatigue

see and eat sweet apples 6
Meaning of the dream: joy, pleasure, revelations, especially for the married woman and the spinsters

yellow buttercups 62
Description: conquest durable

yellow gloves 35
Interpretation of the dream: waste of energy

grow yellow 33
Translation: envy of friends

yellow carrot 75
Dream description: embarrassing discussion

muslin yellow 10
Meaning: ambition and boldness

yellow color 18
Translation of the dream: sadness passing

yellow frog 26
Interpretation: inner security

yellow race 89
Sense of the dream: major projects

yellow chickpea 9
What does it mean: infidelity

raffia yellow 48
Meaning of the dream: love serene

ink yellow 28
Description: you lose a friendship

see and eat the fruit of apples 3
Interpretation of the dream: joy, pleasure, fun, mainly people of the weaker sex

apple peel 84
Translation: You know a better person

music cassettes 10
Dream description: sad memories

lemon yellow 62
Meaning: new perspectives

eva with apple 69
Translation of the dream: righteousness and loyalty

butter yellow 29
Interpretation: pleasant changes

yellow pepper 90
Sense of the dream: cunning and guile

yellow earth 58
What does it mean: false news

history yellow 38
Meaning of the dream: annoying friendships

coffered ceiling 70
Description: regrettable errors of judgment

yellow wax 66
Interpretation of the dream: projects to be postponed