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Cars stopped or parked. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cars stopped or parked. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

airplane stopped 38
Meaning of the dream: deception foiled

be stopped by a beggar 22
Description: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

horse stopped 54
Interpretation of the dream: support to be given

cyclist stopped 38
Translation: decrease of energy

stopped clock 2
Dream description: business stagnation

being stopped by a patrol 80
Meaning: good luck

train stopped 90
Translation of the dream: opportunities to be exploited

hunter stopped 48
Interpretation: advantageous purchases

stopped by the carabinieri 8
Sense of the dream: happy event

Stopped by police 18
What does it mean: depression and fatigue

convoy of cars 62
Meaning of the dream: vanity and stubbornness

collision between two cars 39
Description: business and improve within a short time

line of cars 63
Interpretation of the dream: mishaps in repetition

buy cars 64
Translation: impediments and contrasts

garage with cars 15
Dream description: great achievement

clash of cars 25
Meaning: consequences of errors

sell cars 34
Translation of the dream: issues of interest

accommodate cars 32
Interpretation: uncertainties and doubts

watching cars 90
Sense of the dream: liberation from weights

maneuver cars 45
What does it mean: apprehension

overturning cars 10
Meaning of the dream: lack of resources

scrapping cars 12
Description: next dangers

wagon stopped at the station 45
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary apprehensions

scars 1
Translation: painful events that will have occurred in the past

see scars on others 9
Dream description: you hurt someone

scars on his body 18
Meaning: you are over the trauma that made you suffer

scars will be reopened 2
Translation of the dream: an old pain was forgotten

stopping place 86
Interpretation: new combination of work

bung or stopper 9
Sense of the dream: There will behave so naive and childish in circumstances that require seriousness and commitment

glass stopper 32
What does it mean: nervousness and impulsiveness

stopping in the countryside 78
Meaning of the dream: full success in every engagement

stopping at the fair 89
Description: adventurous spirit

stopping in the mountains 55
Interpretation of the dream: desires and hopes